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Screwball by Vapvana
Screwball by Vapvana
Screwball by Vapvana
Screwball by Vapvana bowl
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Screwball by Vapvana

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The Screwball (The GOAT heavy hitter) by VapVana has been meticulously designed to be what is currently the heaviest hitting diffuser style dry herb vaporizer on the market. It can be run as either a convection heavy or as true hyrbid setup, making use of convection (hot air) and conduction (hot surface) if the bowl is left to heat soak for around 15 seconds! 

The Screwball has the fastest extractions and runs at the lowest and most accurate temperatures, so when you set the numbers on the PID they're almost identical to the actual vaping temperatures making it very easy to use and fine tune. The Flavour is the best we've come across from a full titanium setup and the temperature accuracy means it even rivals the all glass/quartz setups which are currently available. Initial heat time is around 3 minutes and there is no need to allow it to recharge between inhales due to the extended housing and coil design. 

As mentioned the Screwball can be used as more of a convection vape if you place the housing on  the bowl and inhale straight away, or you can turn the temps down, heat soak the bowl and use it as a hybrid! Due to the thickness, or thinness, of the Titanium bowl it provides the fastest heat soak of any hybrid diffuser vape currently on the market. 

The Screwball comes as a full kit with everything you need to get started and is fully set up from the factory making basically plug and play! No need to mess around loading in rubies, installing a handle or anything else. Just plug the coil into the PID controller, the PID controller into the power outlet, set the temperature and wait for it to heat! 

Having gone through many prototype iterations it is very finely tuned and well set up, with machining tolerances to envy. The bowl capacity is around 0.3-0.4g with a ridge set into the middle of the bowl to allow for half packs of around 0.15-0.2g for those of you who'd prefer to use a little less. For the absolute best performance it's advisable to keep your herb level with the top of the bowl, so if you prefer to use less, adjusting the screen to the relevant height is highly recommended. 

Making use of a custom size 25mm Heater Coil, a housing filled with gemstone cut rubies and a wide shallow Titanium bowl which fits up inside the housing, the ScrewBall provides the fastest extractions of any diffuser (or ball vape) on the market. This makes for almost instantiations and thick vapor production with the ability to clear the entire bowl contents in one large inhale when run at the higher end of the suggested temperature range. The stand has also been designed to provide minimal contact with the heated housing so that the heat stays where it should be, inside the housing, making for an especially thermally stable setup. 

The Screwball provides very free flowing airflow for natural inhales without much restriction at all, if you prefer a little more restriction running it through a bubbler which provides this is advisable. Being such a finely tuned setup, the glassware you run this through can make a significant difference to the overall experience. We advise using a medium grind with this vaporizer to allow the airflow to pass through the herb for maximum performance, a fine grind can also be used, though for perfection in this instance we suggest giving the bowl a little heat soak of around 15 seconds before inhaling. 

We now have the new version in stock which has an updated airflow cap that has moved the air intake holes to the side instead of having them on top (shown in the last image). This updated setup provides even more airflow through the device and helps retain more heat in the gemstone cut rubies inside the housing for a slightly upgrade in performance. 


Loading and settings

  • The suggested temperature range for this vaporizer is between 440-500F or 226-260C. You can use it at temperatures as low as 420F or 215C especially with longer heat soaks. We would not advise going higher than 545F or 285C as you risk combustion, at these higher temperatures do not heat soak the bowl. 
  • Always load the Screwball bowl to the rim, then adjust the herb with the included SQP (Scoop and Tamper) to ensure none is sticking up above the rim. 
  • The same applies if using the Screwball bowl set up as a half pack, as mentioned this is advisable to get the best experience if it's being used with smaller loads. 
  • You can tamp the Screwball bowl, but only do this very gently. Tamping will make for even faster initial vapor production and the ability to load a little more inside, however if you tamp too hard and create a puck inside, the bottom herb will be slightly lighter than the top unless you give the bowl a little heat soak before inhaling. 



  • Maintenance here is very easy...
  • When residue starts to build up inside the bowl this can be very easily wiped off with a q-tip, do this while the bowl is still warm after use and you can avoid the need to soak it in ISO or use any cleaning solvents.
  • After some time residues will start to build up in the herb chamber section of the bowl. To remove this you can use a q-tip soaked in ISO to wipe it off or you can pop the bowl (remove the handle and screen first) in ISO for an hour, then then wipe it off. 
  • If using solvents always allow the bowl to dry fully before use. 
  • Using the included brush you can easily keep the screen free of residues for a long time. When it starts to clog up simply pop it out and replace it, or if you have a blowtorch lighter you can hold the screen with tweezers, torch it until the residues have turned white, then when it's cooled brush it off and pop it back into your bowl! 
  • The housing does not need to be cleaned. Though like most devices, before first use it's a good idea to turn the PID up to 280C and leave it for 10 minutes, just to ensure any residues from manufacture or packing have been burned off. Then turn it back down to vaping temperatures. 


Kit Contents 

  • Screwball housing (Grade 2 Titanium) with gemstone cut Rubies inside (New Version with updated airflow and heat retention cap with side holes, as shown in the final image)
  • 25mm custom heater coil with handle installed (the housing also comes installed in the coil) (220V) - CE + ROHS Certified
  • Titanium Bowl with half pack ridge for smaller loads with a stainless steel mesh screen and wooden handle (installed) - 18.8mm male joint
  • Stainless Steel stand
  • PID Controller (1F-1C adjustable) with UK 3-Pin plug (set up for Celsius for UK/EU/AUS kits) - CE and ROHS Certfied
  • SQP (Scoop and tamper)
  • Wooden cleaning brush 
  • Pack of Screens
  • Optional Chugga-Jug bubbler



  • The Screwball comes with a 100 day guarantee, if you're not happy with the kit you can return it within 100 days of purchase, providing it has been purchased directly or from an authorized retailer such as ourselves. 
  • Please complete the warranty form linked in the Vapvana Shipping and Returns section. Vapvana will confirm the return eligibility with you then contact us to confirm, at which point you can return the kit to us for a full refund. You only need to cover the return shipping costs and ensure that the full kit is returned in its original packaging, clean and free of residues as detailed in the Vapvana returns linked above.  Once we have the kit back and have checked it is all there in appropriate condition we can issue the refund. 
  • This policy does not cover any item lost, stolen, dropped or water damaged.
  • The Screwball also comes with a Vapvana backed Lifetime warranty for the PID controller and heater coils. Please check out the information section "Lifetime warranty claims" for full details, this is displayed in the shipping and returns section linked above. There is also a link to the warranty/returns form on that page. 


Things to note

  • As mentioned these kits come in Celcius not Fahrenheit!! 
    Don't put your Screwball housing on a Cannabis Hardware stand. It might get stuck. 
  • Perform a burn off cycle by setting your device to 500f/260c and leaving it for 10 minutes before first use, with the heater/housing on the stand (not on the bowl)
  • This kit makes use of a thin Titanium bowl which heat soaks very quickly. As materials heat they expand, especially so if you are heat soaking the bowl for longer periods or at higher temperatures. After a short heat soak, like all titanium bowls, the joint may become stuck in your glassware briefly until it has cooled. Do not force it out or you risk damaging your glassware.
  • We would always advise people use a glass adapter or ash catcher in between the bowl and rig as if you're feeling impatient this whole top setup can be removed from your rig together, providing the ability to empty and reload the bowl sooner. At worst heat expansion can cause the bowl to expand into and then crack your glass rig, so having a less precious piece of glass between the two is always a recommended! 
  • Based on feedback it is very clear that this is a very powerful vaporizer, which for some people is a little too much due to the speed of vapor production and thickness of the vapor. If you're not looking for something which has this level of power we suggest checking out a different setup such as our Thermal Twist or Ruby Twist, which is a little gentler.
  • Check out the Portavb Universal Debowler, a great solution for emptying your bowl after vaping! 


Screwball (Baseball) definition "screwball is a baseball and fastpitch softball pitch that is thrown so as to break in the opposite direction of a slider or curveball." 

Screwball - screw balls. Gemstone cut rubies provide better performance when set up in an appropriate setup! More surface area, more thermal contact and heat transfer between the rubies, housing and into your herb!

For the many who have asked, yes we did help with provide feedback, development and design suggestions during the prototype phases of this vaporizer to help make it the best it could be and better than pretty much everything else. The conception and overall design is down to VapVana. And yes, we think he absolutely nailed it!



Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Couldnt reccomend enough!

The screwball is one of the best things I've ever spent money on. It has completley elevated my herb experince. Before purchasing i was a daily bong user and I havent even considered reaching for a lighter since recieving my screwball. The flavour is infinitly better, my lungs dont feel damaged after taking a fat rip and the thing still produces some serious vapour and smacks at higher temps. I used feel guilty smoking herb in a bong over a joint if it was something special, feeling like i was wasting the flavour. Now i feel like all herb i have ever combusted was a waste! I cant see myself ever going back to combustion. I have messed around with dry herb vapes and was never impressed, but this is game changing!

Vincent Laing
You don't have to be a millionaire to live like one!

Love the screwball I already had the thermal twist witch I love too so I already had the pid so I didn't have to buy the full kit!! This is a smoother hit feels slightly more premium with the lovely titanium bowl, for the price I'd say its the best ball vape on the market so pull the trigger and give this puppy a home !!!

This is the one!

Researched the hell out of my first ball vape and this is what I opted for. It was the right choice. Easy to set up and use. Awesome clouds and tasty vapor from this bad boy. Vapvana and RVS came through with this one. Bought with 420 sale discount. Very happy customer

Alan Steel
Love it

Even colovely quality.
One of the best on the market

James Middleton

Awesome bit of kit, end game material. Hits HARD big Vapor clouds Of you chosen terps , highly recommended, get it you won’t be disappointed and if you are ( you won’t be) you get 100 day money back guarantee.