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30mm Round E-nail with 220V UK Plug and Controller
30mm Round E-nail with Quartz Banger, Quartz insert, Bubble Carb Cap and Mini Percolator Recycling Rig
30mm Round E-nail with 220V UK Plug, Quartz Banger, Quartz insert, Bubble Carb Cap and Cotter pins
30mm Quartz Banger with Quartz Insert, Quartz bubble carp cap and Cotter pins

Round E-nail Kit - 25mm or 30mm Full Kit

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The largest banger/ bucket setups commonly available. As such these require quite large dabs for effective use. 

These 25mm and 30mm round e-nails with thick wall quartz bangers are mains powered beasts so are for home use only. They have accurate and stable temperature control so provide excellent quality vapour. Quartz is one of the preferred materials to vape from, being inert it provides clean accurate flavour profiles, this is enhanced here by the accurate temperature control. We rate this setup as one of the best for large dabs and sessions. SiC (Silicon Carbide) inserts coming soon. 

The e-nail setup consists of an e-nail controller, a 220V UK plug and a round e-nail coil. These are used to heat a 30mm quartz Banger (14mm male joint) with quartz insert to a high level of accuracy. Please note that if used, the quartz insert will settle to around 100F below the temperature set on the controller, so this should be accounted for. 

The enail controller works in Fahrenheit and does not have an option for Celsius, the stated temperature range for this setup is 220-990F. My personal setup is 575F when using the insert and 460F without. 

General vaping temperature range is between 320-536F (160-280C) without insert and around 420-580F with Insert. Above this you're entering combustion... which is fine if that's what you're after! 

Heat time for this setup takes around 5 minutes to stabilise, no less when using the insert, the box has an auto shut-off timer set to two hours. This timer can be increased to five hours, decreased to one hour or turned off entirely so your banger is always kept at the desired temperature. 

As the temperature is constant this setup is ideal for session use, load it up and repeatedly hit it until the concentrate has been vapourised. Then wipe and repeat as desired.  

The power cable leading to the control box is 1.8m long, the e-nail cable leading to the coil is 1.2m long. 

Included in this Kit

  • Enail controller box (1 year warranty - CE certified) 
  • 1.8m 220V UK power cable with plug (1 year warranty) 
  • 1.2m Kevlar lined cable with Round E-nail (Stainless Steel coil) (1 year warranty)
  • 25mm or 30mm Quartz Banger
  • Quartz insert for Banger
  • Directional Bubble Carb Cap
  • 2 x Cotter pins to hold Banger in Place

Optional Water Tool - Mini Percolator Recycling Rig

  • Option to purchase with our Mini Percolator Recycling Rig. We selected this for the bundle as it is allows for the largest volume of air flow making it ideal for large bangers with high rates of air flow. 

Optional Carb Cap 

Warranty is only for manufacture defects not misuse or incidental damage. Manufactured by SZ Crossing. 

WARNING: These have an exposed heater coil which gets very hot. Do not touch the coil or quartz banger during use, always allow time for it to cool before handling.

 This Atomizer/Diffuser is mains powered and does not require a mod to run.

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Great little eNail

Fantastic little eNail. Small compact powerful. Stable temperature.. excellent customer service from this company... Would highly recommend product and business to anyone