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Kenex Rosin Digital Scales - Red - Closed case
Kenex Rosin Digital Scales - Red - Scale view
Kenex Rosin Digital Scales - Red - weighing tray
Kenex Rosin Digital Scales - Black - Closed case
Kenex Rosin Digital Scales - Black - scale view
Kenex Rosin Digital Scales - Black - Open case

Rosin Digital Scales (Platinum Collection) 0.01-200g by Kenex

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The Rosin Digital scales by Kenex are our favourite scales for accurately weighing concentrates. They have been designed with this specific task in mind and excel at it. They have a range of 0.01g-200g at a 0.01g resolution. 

Why do we think they're the best option for weighing rosin and other concentrates, especially sticky ones?

  • Repeatable accuracy, the same weight always weighs the same, within +/- 0.01g up to 200g.
  • Good accuracy across the weighing plate. Only very small differences can be observed if you accidentally use the corner to weigh. As with all scales items should be placed centrally when possible. 
  • Comes with a removable non stick Platinum cured silicone mat for weighing directly on the scale plate. Especially useful for busy people who weigh lots. 
  • Around the plate there is a smooth shiny surface which can be easily wiped clean, the buttons also protrude minimally so can be easily wiped. 
  • The case has a soft touch non stick silicone coating so it never gets sticky and can be easily wiped free of debris. It also looks and feels great.  
  • Scales plate has it's own protective case so it isn't compressed by the collapsible bowl, adding an extra level of protection. 
  • High end Kenex scales like these come with a five year manufacturer warranty. 

Available Colours

  • Red - Red base, red case, blue backlight, red silicone bow, silver plastic and red buttons.
  • Black - Black base, black case, blue backlight, green silicone mat, silver plastic and silver buttons.  

Scale functions

  • Weighing Unit: grams / ounces / troy ounce/ deadweight / grain/ count
  • Max Capacity: 200g
  • Readability: 0.01g
  • Counting Function
  • Non-Stick Silicone Mat
  • Backlight LCD Display (can be toggled on/off)
  • 2 Batteries AAA Included
  • One Button Calibration

"With over 25 years experience, Kenex is a brand that has become synonymous with cutting edge technology, high grade materials and razor sharp precision; inspiring confidence in the quality of our products." We included this quoted information as it's true, they do make good products!

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