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200 Q-tips, one pointed end and one bound end.
Q-tips Cotton buds - Bound end
Q-tips Cotton buds - pointed end
Q-tip Cotton bud pointed end single item

Q-tips Pointed ends and bound ends. Cotton buds x 200

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Our favourite q-tips for cleaning buckets. 

One end is shaped into a point which is excellent for reaching into the corners of buckets without having to press hard and force it into shape. The other is a bound bundle, being bound it leaves far fewer cotton strands behind than regular q-tips. This feature also allows them to hold their shape better, making them better designed for harder scrubbing of a removed cup or dish.

  • Made from cotton with un-waxed paper stems and are fully biodegradable.
  • Pack contains x 200 Q-tips/Cotton buds. 
  • One pointed and one regular bound end. 

These are shipped as a small parcel which is why the price drop between x200 and larger quantities is significant. 

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