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J-Hook - Sherlock pipe
J-Hook - Sherlock pipe close up female 14mm joint
J-Hook - Sherlock pipe close up - mouthpiece
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J-Hook - Sherlock Pipe - Glass 14mm Pipe

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J-Hooks or Sherlock Pipes are glass pipes with a 14mm female joint allowing easy connection to a wide variety of 14mm male glassware and vaporizer adapters. J-hooks are used without water and serve to significantly cool the vapour on the way to your mouth while preserving all the flavour. They add significant cooling and extra length to your vapour path and if used upside down you can keep your vape at eye level so that with the right setup you can watch what's going on inside! They are made from high quality seamless borosilicate glass with a flat mouthpiece for improved comfort.  

These J-Hooks can be placed upside down directly on top of any 14mm male adapter to add extra length and cooling to your vapour pathway. They're directly compatible with a variety of vaporizer setups such the SiC Quest and with addition of glass adapter or vortex cap; the DC V4 CrucibleV5 Diffuser and Gen 2 herb vape. 

They can also be used in the regular orientation for setups such as the Elev8R. Simply place your loaded WPA Vehicle into the 14mm female joint, place the E-heater on top and vape away! 


  • One borosilicate glass J-Hook
  • Approximately 130 x 110mm
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Flat Mouthpiece
  • Seamless Glass

Please note these are not compatible with keck clips. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great little piece!

Very comfortable mouthpiece and size. A slightly bigger version would probably be better for some vapes like the elev8r but this definitely does the job. Fantastic value!

Great little cooler

Not my first j-hook and probably not my last but I have to say I am a big fan of the cooling effects and pinched mouthpiece of this one. The quite dramatic narrowing of the internal tube diameter and heavy ovalising around the bottom turn really do cool and condition as well as some small bubblers I have tried. Glass feels decent enough for the price and its actually quite a compact little pipe for its level of effectiveness so has just become my daily carry about to pair with a tinymight (once i find a small case to carry it in, it is still just a glass pipe at the end of the day).

Nick Morris
Great Find

As a UK vaporent I struggle to find a lot of unusual spares and different mods. This place has loads of hard to find this side of the pond stuff. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Recommended Vape Supplies (see what I did there). Vape supplies by a vaper for vapers.

Gerard W.
Perfect for my set-up!

Was a bit smaller than I was expecting but pleased with the quality.
It tapers off nicely at the mouth piece so you can sorta sip your vapour.