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Herb Scoop - Various Sizes
Herb Scoop - Large Close up
Herb Scoop - Side View
Herb Scoops all sizes
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Loading and Measuring Scoops - Various Sizes

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German designed and made from foodsafe materials these high quality scoops are ideally sized and shaped for loading a wide range of vaporizers! Having high sides, flat bottoms and angled scoops these make a great solution for loading at home or on the go. These features also make them brilliant weighing scoops as they naturally hold the contents when put down on the scale. Being Aluminium they weigh very little adding to their versatility! We now also have the SQP and SQP Mini available if you'd like a scoop with tamper included. 


Sizes - Please select your desired option

  • Size 1 - Ideal for small vapes and regular size adapter bowls. Approx. 0.15g regular capacity, 0.25g max capacity (2ccm) - 2.2 grams - 55mm long 
  • Size 2 - Ideal for larger vapes and all adapter bowls. Approx. 0.3g regular capacity, 0.45g max capacity (3ccm) - 3.6 grams - 65mm long
  • Size 3 - Ideal for XL Adapter Bowls. Approx. 0.6g regular capacity, 0.9g max capacity (6ccm) - 7.2 grams - 85mm long
  • Size 4 - Can be used for XL Adapter bowls or transferring material between containers. 3g max capacity (18ccm) - 18 grams - 110mm long
  • Regular capacity is scooping without attempting to fully load the scoop.
  • Max capacity is the the maximum amount that fits without falling out! 



  • Measuring/weighing/loading Herb Scoop
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications 
  • Ergonomic Handle 
  • Flat Base, high sides and an angled scoop
  • Die Cast Aluminium
  • Made by Wilesco
  • Food Safe - DIN EN 602 Compliant 
  • ROHS Certified Materials 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Caroline Cruse
Not as seen

I didn’t receive a set of scoops as advertised. I only received a large one. Too big for its purpose.

Sorry to hear you're unhappy, this product listing has multiple options where the customer can select one of the four sizes or can select to purchase all sizes, your order was placed with a size 1 scoop selected, not the all scoop option. Please have another look at the listing page, it details the four scoop sizes along with their capacities and there is the option to select the specific sizes. I'm not sure how this could be made any more clear?

Ziyad Fayad

I use these to measure volume for doses of "flower". For e.g like 1 or 1/2 cups, etc. I use the bigger ones at night time. ;)

Ziyad Fayad

Very handy

Great scoops!

Nice little scoops, I find myself using them for more than just loading bowls and you can't go wrong with the price! Awesome!


These scoops are really useful and I find them easier to use than long spoons due to having limited dexterity.

I think I’m a giant when I pick one up. Like a giant sweet shop owner. Not giant sweets, just a giant. The sweets are normal size, I think, but then they wouldn’t fit… anyway alls I’m saying is these scoops are sweet.

Brilliant mental image, thank you! XD