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XMAX V3 PRO Glass Mouthpiece
XMAX V3 PRO Glass Mouthpiece side view
XMAX V3 PRO Glass Mouthpiece bottom view
XMAX V3 PRO Glass Mouthpiece installed on V3 Pro
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, XMAX V3 PRO Glass Mouthpiece side view
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Glass Mouthpiece - XMAX V3 PRO

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These glass mouthpieces for the XMAX V3 PRO convection vaporizer provide a purer vapour pathway with no plastic from the mouthpiece. Just like the water tool adapters these include a full aluminium mouthpiece mount with a filter screen, silicone gaskets and an airflow disruptor to reduce vapour temp and particles. The vapour path when using this part consists only of stainless steel and glass! 

You can even insert a length of Vaporizer Hose/Whip directly into the hole where the glass mouthpiece would normally fit for easy extension to almost any setup.... or direct to your mouth! Or any, yes literally any standard 14mm male joint piece you have will fit into this hole! Also size 810 drip tips!


  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Aluminium Airflow Cap
  • Mesh Filter Screen
  • Airflow Disruptor
  • Silicone Grommets/Gaskets


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Pretty good, needs regular cleaning

I got this because I don't much like the feel of the plastic mouthpiece that comes with the XMAX V3 Pro, and this indeed does feel nicer to suck on. Surprisingly I'd say the vapour is probably hotter through this mouthpiece, though. The biggest downside to me is that it looks unclean after only a few uses, which may not bother you but does bother me. The biggest upside, unexpectedly, is that the magnets are stronger than on the stock mouthpiece, so it's nice and secure (I've found the stock mouthpiece has come off in my pocket a few times).

Silicone too loose

The previous V3 mouthpiece broke - the ceramic insert, whilst cleaning. This glass one was better in use and easier to clean but the silicon holding the metal filter was too loose straight from the off. Of course it dropped out on the floor and I lost it whilst cleaning/refilling at night (outside).

This V3 Max Pro vape is great but is let down by its mouthpieces. So disappointing! Now I have the choice of getting another V3 mouthpiece or another vape. It's my third cape to date and all have been ultimately short lived and poorly constructed.

Sorry to hear you've had trouble here. We do have the ceramic part in stock for the original mouthpiece in the 'mouthpiece rebuild parts XMAX V3 Pro' product page so if you broke that while cleaning that's an easy one to replace.

If the glass mouthpiece was loose (very unusual but it can happen) please drop an email and let them know the situation, they should then contact us to send out a replacement or send you one directly. That will be due to the glass part being slightly too small, normally they fit very snug and can't fall out. Please email me on if you have any questions!

Good little Add on

Love it.. Nice smooth vapour great taste aswell Delivery was fast also. Ordered the glass bubbler and the glass wpa too.. ps Thanks for the sweets love it.

Best option for this device by far

So I've tried the standard mouthpiece and the bubbler - but this glass mouthpiece is by far my favourite.

The bubbler is poorly designed for a convection vape where air flow is so important (there is virtually no airflow...)

The standard mouthpiece is good - but personally I found it weird drawing on something the shape of a recorder musical instrument.

This glass mouthpiece however, is excellent.
Very easy to draw, great airflow, comfortable and I would argue gives the best flavour as well.

Do yourself a favour and get it - you wont go back, I guarantee!

Very nice mouthpiece

Very fast and secure shipping to Thailand, thank you so much. Happy with this mouthpiece, there’s not a huge difference with the original one, the vape is a little cooler, and more convenient to vape with it. The look of the device is also better.