Elev8r Convection Vaporizer with Upgraded PID, E-nail and Glass Stands
Elev8r Convection Vaporizer with Upgraded PID, E-nail and Glass Stands
Elev8r E-heater with Quartz Heater and Wide base stand
Elev8r Glass E-heater filled with 3mm Ruby Balls
Elev8R vehicle All Glass Water Pipe Adapter
Elev8r Regular Water Pipe Adapter
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Elev8r Convection Vaporizer with Upgraded PID, E-nail and Glass Stands
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Elev8r Convection Vaporizer with Upgraded PID, E-nail and Glass Stands
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Elev8r E-heater with Quartz Heater and Wide base stand
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Elev8r Glass E-heater filled with 3mm Ruby Balls
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Elev8R vehicle All Glass Water Pipe Adapter
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Elev8r Regular Water Pipe Adapter

Elev8R E-Heater Full Kit with Upgraded PID, Coil and Stands

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The Elev8r E-heater full kit by Elev8 is on of our favourite desktop vaporizers, capable of vapourising both dry herb and concentrate but truly excelling at dry herb vaporisation, which is what we use it for. It is a very powerful full convection setup capable of vapourising anywhere between approximately 0.06-1g of dry herb in one chamber, allowing for microdosing or for huge clouds of tasty vapour, whichever takes your fancy. Where it truly excels is with larger amounts of 0.15-0.5g  where it produces huge clouds of vapour with minimal stirring required. Being full convection the bowl does need at least one stir unless you are using a small layer of herb spread onto the screen. A coloured pick is provided with the kit for this purpose. Concentrates can be vapourised using the porous black ceramic flavor discsthey provide excellent flavour but thinner vapour than our bucket based setups so we don't use this much, however it is an excellent option to have. All parts are replaceable so if you ever do break something there's no need to replace your whole setup, just the relevant part. This is an amazingly powerful and versatile vaporiser with a simple elegant design which we're very pleased to be able to stock. For the money we haven't tried anything that even comes close and you even get to watch your herb vaporize in the chamber! We also offer free priority UK shipping on this kit. 

What am I looking at?

The Elev8r full kit consists of four main parts, a 14mm male Elev8R vehicle water pipe adapter (WPA) vehicle and herb chamber, a Quartz heater, an enail which wraps around the heater and a PID controller which controls the temperature the heater reaches. The WPA vehicle contains a 20.8mm stainless steel mesh screen to keep your herb in place. For the best performance, vapour production and most even cook of the herb we suggest filling the glass heater with either 3mm borosilicate or 3mm ruby balls. These help retain heat, even out airflow and heat distribution and reduce the airflow, all of which improve vapour production and allows for lower temperatures to be set on your PID controller. The 14mm male WPA vehicle can be fitted into any existing 14mm female glass rig with a 90 degree (upright, not angled) joint allowing you to make use of any compatible glassware you might already have. We also have 45 degree drop down adapters allowing you to adapt your 45 degree old style bubbler into a 90 degree angle for use with the Elev8r or banger based setups. As there is a lot of glass/ruby to heat inside the heater we always suggest leaving it to reach and stabilise at the set temperature for at least five minutes before use. Do this and you will have huge thick and tasty clouds being produced within five seconds of starting your inhalation! If preferred the Elev8R can also be turned up and used as a torch/lighter replacement, making the system into an e-bong instead of e-vape setup. 

Also available is the All Glass Water Pipe Adapter Vehicle (AGWPA) which has a built in glass screen that sits higher up than the regular WPA vehicle, straight sides and improved airflow. Having a slightly reduced capacity of 0.06-0.5g this may be preferred by people who want to load slightly smaller amounts or get faster vapour production and a more even chamber cook. Having a higher screen and improved airflow design means the herb cooks more evenly at the same temperatures and provides slightly better flavour. The holes on this adapter are not tiny so allow for free flowing airflow, however small particles of herb sometimes fall through so we sometimes use a 15.8mm mesh screen to avoid herb ending up inside the water tool. Please select your desired kit option from the selection menu. 

The airflow on the Elev8r is fairly free flowing and can be adjusted by simply removing balls (when cold) from your heater, then increasing the temperature set on your PID controller to make up for the reduced thermal capacity they provided. We always run the heater filled up to the small glass nub on the outside of the heater.  

Filling your heater with balls

When the heater is cold the 3mm balls should be first filled from the bottom (remove the screen first), ensuring not to overfill the heater and allowing the 15.8mm mesh screen to be evenly replaced straight back into it's original position. While still holding the heater upside down it is best to push the centre of the mesh so that it straightens instead of dipping in there middle, like it originally does, this will increase the performance of the heater and provide a more even cook of your material. 

When this is done turn the glass heater upright and finish filling from the top, gently tapping the side as you do this to ensure the balls settle into place filling as much of the space inside the heater as is possible up to the level of the glass nub on the outside. You can fill higher but risk hot balls falling out the top when removing the heater. 

Adding 3mm balls is a modification which was first done by VapeCritic and originally made commercially available by VGoodiEZ - which is where we would suggest any of our American or Canadian readers to purchase this from as they also provide an upgraded PID and Coil with their kit. This modification has since become the standard way of running this kit for many people, including ourselves.  

Loading your Elev8r

Loosely load your WPA vehicle with ground herb, this can be done with medium or course ground herb, finely ground herb can be used and will produce faster vapour production but is also more likely to pass through the filter screen and will require more stirring if filled heavily. Never tamp. You can stir the contents of the chamber with the colour pick after loading to ensure it is spread evenly with larger amounts if desired. We tend to load it and let the airflow take care of that initially, then stir after. With low level of herb filling the chamber you may only need to stir once at the end, or not at all with very small amounts. When loading 0.3g+ into the chamber we always stir after every other draw with the marble pick when removing the heater to put it on the stand. We keep a dab tool holder attached to the side of our rig making this a convenient and almost ritualistic process. 

We use the Big Frank Grinder or find we're constantly grinding herb with smaller grinders! 

Things to note

For best performance always stir after the first inhale as the material will have dried. 

Always pause your inhale when removing the heater from the WPA vehicle to clear the rig of vapour, if you continue inhaling the suction force will hold the two pieces of glass together and you risk pulling the WPA vehicle out of your rig with the heater. It will obviously be hot and full of herb so is best avoided.

Always hold you WPA Vehicle by the bottom end where the 14mm joint is, the top gets extremely hot during use. 

Never turn your glass heater upside down when it contains balls, they will fall out and can cause burns if hot when this happens. This is why we only fill our heater up to the height of the glass nub on the outside, that way they do not fall out accidentally when transferring the heater between the WPA vehicle and the stand. 

Ensure you seat the mesh that holds the balls sits straight inside the heater in its original position so it isn't sucked out and doesn't come loose during use. If you adjust it badly the screen will slip down slowly and will be noticeable however this is avoidable with correct installation.  Never adjust the screen when the heater and balls are hot, hot balls flying everywhere is not a fun experience. We did however manage to confirm the 3mm ruby balls stay hotter during this accident since they all burned their way into the carpet, but none off the glass ones did (we were testing a mix of the two)! 

The provided stand is not very stable, we suggest using either an 18mm female joint stand or attaching the current stand onto an 18mm male joint stand (both on the way)

We are now dispatching the Elev8R E-heater full kit with our Crossing PID controller and modified 150W 16mm E-nail. This PID controller has an adjustable auto-shut off timer and a more powerful enail which heats slightly faster. 

Temperature Suggestions

For dry herb we run our PID controller between 500-550 F depending on the material and what we're after (huge rips or a slower cook). Your temperatures may be different depending on the exact fit of your coil to heater, the number of balls and the fit of the mesh screen. One of the nice things about this vape is you get to set it up exactly how you want it! 

When using the Flavor Disc for concentrates we run this at 520-580F, once again depending on the material and desired result. We have found the flavour disc produces more vapour when you leave the heater on between draws and do not clear the rig of vapour, cooling the disc between inhales. You can still do this if you want smaller clouds of vapour and will preserve the flavour for a little longer. 

Crossing PID controls

  • Hold middle button for five seconds to turn on or off
  • Press + and - buttons to adjust temperature
  • While on, press middle button five times, then + or - to increase or decrease the shut-of timer

We went with the Crossing PID as the Greenlight PID can only be run for a maximum of five hours at which point the temp control wanders off and jumps around the set temperature. The Crossing PID also has an adjustable shut-off timer which can be switched off and if desired can be run all day without any issues. 


  • 0.06-1g approximate capacity for dry herb 
  • 0.05-0.15g capacity for concentrates
  • You can add a little concentrate to the top of your dry herb when 0.25g+ for an increase in vapour production and effect. With this amount or more inside we have found it is contained by the herb and does not get pulled through the WPA vehicle into the rig. 

 Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Upgraded PID controller (one year warranty) - 5 degree F increments
  • 1 x Upgraded 150W E-Nail 16mm Heater Coil - 220V (one year warranty)
  • 1 x Elev8R E-Nail Heater - Glass made in US
  • 1 x Flavor Disc - Pourous Ceramic - Handle discs with care.
  • 1 x  Colored Pick
  • 1 x 14mm Elev8R WPA Rig Adapter or All Glass WPA Rig Adapter - Glass made in US
  • 1 x Pack of 20.8mm (Regular WPA) or 15.8mm (All Glass WPA) Screens
  • 1 x Wide Base 18mm female stand for Heater 
  • 1 x 14mm female stabat for WPA Vehicle 

Requires a glass rig/bong/bubbler 

Caution hot parts, never touch e-nail or heater while in use and never leave unattended. User assumes all responsibility for using this device safely.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryan Wellington

Kit came fast and was easy to setup, this thing rips as hard as the best hard hitters and at lower temps when set up correctly. Had a small issue with quartz heater but these guys are super helpful and solved my problem immediately when they really we're obligated to.

Really glad you're enjoying it and that I could help with the quartz heater issue, we help wherever we can! Thanks for the review

Elev8r Vaporizer

This is a truly superb vape. The flavour is incredible and holds the terps better than any other dry herb vape I have tried. It takes a bit of adjustments to get it right but with the temp control you can vary for different herb moistures and diffferent bowl sizes. The terp pearls in the heater element really make a difference. Just love everything about it. Fix your heater stand to a weighted bottom to make it more stable, that's it's only fault in my opinion. Happy vaping!

Thanks for the review, very pleased you're enjoying it, it is right up there with the best of the best. Regarding the heater stand, we weren't happy with the originals so sourced some, these were also a little small so also now send them out with the larger 19mm stand, if you have both you should be able to mount the small stand onto the big stand so that it's pretty secure. For our end solution we have commissioned a load of wide, thick based 18.8mm female joint glass stands which are on the way now and should hopefully be here and online next week! They will be super stable and will be sent out with all future orders. If you'd like one please contact me for a discount on that.
Thanks again, here if you ever need any help - Matt

Mike B
What a vape!

Great flavour (probably the best I've tasted) and huge clouds from this one. Great service as well, I had it in my hands less than 24 hours after it shipped.

Glad you like it, it's one of my main daily vapes, total beast and as you say, excellent flavour