Micro E-Nail PID Controller – Recommended Vape Supplies
Micro E-Nail Controller PID
Micro E-Nail Controller PID
Micro E-Nail Controller PID
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Micro E-Nail PID Controller

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Crossing Micro E-nail Controller Features - Updated Model

  • Super fast heating - This PID gets up to temperate in around half the time of most other PIDS on the market, including the other Crossing High-Res PID. Always ensure the item you're heating (banger, injector housing etc.) is inside the coil while it heats.  
  • Now with the ability to switch between Celcius or Fahrenheit! They usually come to us set in celcius. 
  • Now with 1 degree temperature increments!
  • Large, clear top mounted display - Green
  • Big green buttons
  • Unlike the High-Resolution PID this PID doesn't display live temperate readings after reaching the set temperature, only the target temperature is displayed 
  • Small Size - Dimensions 110 x 70 x 35mm 
  • Adjustable between 0-995F or 0-537C
  • Adjustable shut off timer - 1-5 hours or 0 for off
  • 220V/110V Coil Compatible 
  • Includes UK 3-pin 220V plug
  • Confirmed compatibility with CH, Auber, Disorderly Conduction (DC) and 710 Coils 
  • Pin 1 is AC live line, pin 2 is AC zero line, pin 3 is temp positive, then 4 is temp negative and pin 5 is ground

We also have a the Classic PID Controller from Crossing which is compatible with the same range of coils but functions a little differently, there is also a Dual Coil PID Controller in the same style.


PID Controller Instructions 

  • Hold the central button for 5 seconds to turn on or off
  • Use the +/- buttons to adjust the temperature
  • When switched on, press the central button five times to access auto-off timer
  • Adjust with +/- from 0-5. 0 switches the timer off or select 1-5 hours
  • Celcius/Fahrenheit - Hold down + button for 5 seconds while the controller is switched off. Then press the + button again to change between C and F. Press the central button to exit. 


Warranty and Certifications

  • CE certified
  • ROHS certified materials
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Warranty covers manufacture defects only, not wear and tear, damage or modified coils.


Please note

  • Never mix coils and controllers as they often have different pin-out layouts. Always stick to compatible kit from the same manufacturer to avoid damage to your coil or controller. 
  • PID controllers come to us bubble wrapped, as such they will be sent out... you guessed it. Bubble wrapped! 
  • Coils do not come with PID controllers, these need to be purchased separately. 
  • It is best to avoid switching your setups on and off multiple times a day, heat/cooling cycles cause thermal stress which is the main cause of premature coil death. To prolong their lifespan switch them on and off as infrequently as possible
  • Due to the more aggressive heating style of these PID controllers, coils may glow while heating and responding if there there is not a closely fitted banger, metal balls vape housings (etc.) installed in the attached coil


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Little powerhouse

Heats up rapidly and does what I need it to do. Nice and compact and seems really good in terms of handling temperature drops compared to other units I've used. Also, bonus points for the display being the greenest green I've ever seen!

Great service from RVS... Great sale discount and delivered free next day.

James Middleton
Dose the job

This is my first pid ( to go with screwball) I have owned so I can’t compare it to any other ones but it is very easy to use easy to adjust the temp. Gets up to temp very quickfrom cold (just over one minute). If I had to pick something negative it Would be nice if it came with something like some silicone feet to stop it sliding around ( and getting scratched on the bottom and falling of table. And the led screen is very bright in the dark that could also be a positive. Good little bit of kit I would recommend it

Thanks for the review, we'll be getting future versions with little silicone feet that has been requested so that should be available soon. If you leave a note on your next order I have some little 3m ones here which I can pop into that for you to stick on the bottom! - Matt

Chicken No Name
Great pid

Great little pid. I think its more attractive than the others.