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Dani Fusion 2.0 Tip/Cap

Dani Fusion 2.0 Tip/Cap

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The new Dani Fusion 2.0 Tip/Cap are an upgraded version of the original. New features include a larger capacity herb chamber, upgraded from around 0.14 to 0.18 grams (though more can be placed inside if desired, this will limit the airflow) along with a half pack bowl setting. This is a small ridge inside the bowl which allows the screen to be easily set up higher than otherwise reducing the capacity for micro-dosing. The tail of the tip has been made longer to make it more secure and provide additional cooling and the number of threads for the tip have been reduced so it now takes three turns instead of four to remove the cap. Last but not least the thermal disc inside the cap has been adjusted to click at a slightly higher temperature, around 10-15c higher than before which takes some of the guesswork out of heating past the click. With this in mind we'd suggest only heating to the click (one click) on the new 2.0 Cap so you can gauge better how this new setup heats your herb. 


Included Components:

  • A titanium chamber that can contain 0.18g of herb.
  • A smart stainless steel airflow control connector.
  • A stainless steel CCD screen.
  • 4 viton o-rings, each measuring 7.5-8mm in outer diameter (OD) and 1mm in thickness.
  • 2 viton o-rings, each measuring 6mm in OD and 1mm in thickness.
  • An IH-compatible stainless steel cap, adorned with two silver rings.

New Features:

  • Long tail titanium chamber for more efficient vapor cooling.
  • Reduced threads (from 4 threads to 3 threads).
  • Half-bowl setting.
  • Compatibility with Fusion 2.0 Cap (DF2A1).
  • Ability to produce tasty and flavorful vapors.
  • XL size chamber.
  • The silver rings offer a fast heating feature. Each ring is positioned differently to allow customization of vaporization for MTL or DRL.
  • The thermal disc has a higher temperature setting compared to the Dani Fusion 1.0.


  • The cap is impressively thick, ensuring substantial heat retention.
  • There’s no need for rotation during the heating process.

Dani Fusion 2.0 Tip/Cap, offers a comprehensive solution for your vaping needs, providing a high-quality, customizable experience. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly and use.

Please note

  • The Silver rings on the cap of the Fusion may have some darker marks, these are tarnish marks from where the cap has been installed. These Silver rings can be lightly polished with a high grain buffer/nail file though when you touch the silver rings they will again start to form as the oils from your skin react with the metal and oxygen. This is normal for Silver! 
  • We have intentionally shown this in the product image so that there is no confusion over this point! 

Customer Reviews

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A very good vaporizer.

I'm really impressed with this device; build quality is excellent with good fit and finish. The half bowl setting works but is a bit fiddly compared to just putting a bit less in and once dialled in (click +5 seconds on mine) it gives very consistent one hit extraction every time. The click on mine is a bit quiet compared to a Dynavap but the hole in the cap lets you see when the disc clicks which is very handy if things are noisy. The best feature for me is the adjustable airflow which allows for everything from a tight MTL to a nice open DL hit, is easy to adjust and stays put once set. Add it to the collection or great for a simple but very efficient first vape, you won't regret it.