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Dani Fusion 2.0 Mini Stem

Dani Fusion 2.0 Mini Stem

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The Dani Fusion 2.0 Mini Stem is a redesigned and upgraded version of the original. It stays much cooler in the hand during use, has a larger capacity bowl with a half pack screen option and a higher click temperature from the cap, making for more easily repeatable sessions with less heating past the click. All in all this makes for a better vaping experience and is a worthy upgrade from the original. 

  • The Fusion 2.0 Mini stem provides the a least level of vapor cooling, however it still provides enough cooling to make for very comfortable vapor, all in a very compact package!
  • The internal stem is made from all stainless steel to improve vapor cooling while retaining an internal Titanium helix cooling stem 
  • There is now a gap between the internal stem and the wood stem, this provides better vapor cooling and transfers less heat to the wood
  • The carb hole in the side of the stem has been removed making for an easier experience, allowing you to heat the cap with your torch then crack on with vaping without the need to locate and cover the hole. There are heat venting holes which do not need to be covered
  • The amount of airflow can be adjusted by rotating the bowl (while cool) to expose or cover some of the 6 airflow holes built in to the tip



  • After loading don't screw the cap on tightly, gently does it. 
  • There are two Silver strips around the cap of the Dani Fusion 2.0. 
  • Using a large torch heat both rings at the same time
  • Wait for the click (one click, not two like a DynaVap)
  • Gently inhale, the heat will take a moment to start to transfer from the cap into the bowl, then vapor production will really start to kick in
  • For higher temperature extractions you can heat past the click for a few seconds, however be cautious as with the new Fusion 2.0 Cap which has been adjusted to click at a higher temperature there will be less time before it overheats and combusts
  • Make sure you're using a large enough torch, small single flame torches will take a very long time to heat the cap, we always suggest using something that's more powerful.
  • With the Cyclone Triple Torch, hold the single flame on the small ring and the dual flames on the large ring. 
  • Or... you can use a Big Shot Torch and heat both at the same time. 
  • When you've finished your session you can hold the cap with the provided leather case or use the Leather Loop to safely remove this while hot


Other Notes

  • To use the microdose function, remove the tip then push the screen up from the bottom so that it sits in the groove halfway up the chamber. After that's done you can use it as normal with smaller amounts... alternatively you can leave the screen where it is and just put less inside! Both methods will provide similar results! 
  • The Fusion 2.0 is great with solid material, break it up and sandwich it in your herb or leave a little on top of the herb. You can also use hemp cotton and load solids or concentrates on top this!
  • The Cooling Helix inside the stem will rattle around inside when it's new. After a few uses the residue will take care of that for you.
  • The Silver rings on the cap of the Fusion may have some darker marks, these are tarnish marks from where the cap has been installed. These Silver rings can be lightly polished with a high grain buffer/nail file though when you touch the silver rings they will again start to form as the oils from your skin react with the metal and oxygen. This is normal for Silver! 
  • Link to the cleaning guide


Additional Parts Collection


Included Components:

  • Dani Fusion 2.0 Mini Stem, Tip, Cap and Titanium Mouthpiece
  • A titanium chamber that can contain 0.18g of herb.
  • A smart stainless steel airflow control connector.
  • A stainless steel CCD screen.
  • 4 viton o-rings, each measuring 7.5-8mm in outer diameter (OD) and 1mm in thickness.
  • 2 viton o-rings, each measuring 6mm in OD and 1mm in thickness.
  • An IH-compatible stainless steel cap, adorned with two silver rings.
  • A Vietnamese Tracwood stem with a stainless steel lining to protect the wood from vapors.
  • A titanium helix condenser.
  • Titanium Mouthpiece included now with an additional o-ring for an extra secure fit
  • Waxed Leather Case included

New Features:

  • Long tail titanium chamber for more efficient vapor cooling.
  • Reduced threads (from 4 threads to 3 threads).
  • Half-bowl setting.
  • Ability to produce tasty and flavorful vapors.
  • XL size chamber.
  • The silver rings offer a fast heating feature. Each ring is positioned differently to allow customization of vaporization for MTL or DRL.
  • The thermal disc has a higher temperature setting compared to the Dani Fusion 1.0.
  • The cap is impressively thick, ensuring substantial heat retention.
  • There’s no need for rotation during the heating process.
  • The new design does not have a carb on its body, making it more convenient to handle.
  • The wooden part has window holes, allowing you to see the stainless steel lining inside.
  • An air gap has been introduced between the wooden part and the stainless part. This enhancement is designed to improve the cooling function, allowing vapors to cool down faster and more efficiently.
  • Additional Features:
  • Easy to clean!
  • Stylish outlook.
  • Innovative design.

    Customer Reviews

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    Maxime Biedrzycki
    Excellent portable vaporizer!

    Excellent portable vaporizer ! Beautifully crafted and sturdy! There is a learning curve where you have to experiment with handling the unit. Using a torch lighter with a large flame is highly recommended! Thank you to customer service for answering all my questions and concerns!