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Replacement Coil and Titanium Cup for New Sequoia and Core e-rig
Replacement coil and Quartz cup for New Sequoia and Core e-rig
New Sequoia Atomizer Replacement Bucket Coil without Bucket
New Sequoia Atomizer Replacement Titanium Bucket
Quartz Cup for New Sequoia and Core e-rig
New Sequoia and Core e-rig Bucket coils. SiC, Ti and Quartz Variants
SiC cup for New Sequoia and Core e-rig

New Sequoia and Core e-rig Bucket coils. SiC, Ti and Quartz Variants

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These are the replacement bucket coils and Titanium buckets for the the New Sequoia atomizer and Core E-Rig. They have the fixing screw ring so are compatible with either Titanium, Quartz or SiC buckets. Please select your desired option from the dropdown menu. 

Titanium is fast heating with a clean and accurate flavour profile. It has the "sharpest" vapour of the three materials.

Quartz Heats slowly and cools fairly quickly. It is completely inert so can be used at much higher temperatures than titanium (though this takes you our of vapourisation and into combustion), if desired. It provides excellent flavour and slightly smoother vapour than titanium at the same temperature. 

SiC Silicon Carbide  Has a very high thermal capacity and can be used safely at any temperature you can heat it to with conventional methods  (blowtorch or a coil). This means it takes a little while to heat but retains huge amounts of it. This property makes it the best material available for huge clouds of vapour since the airflow has a minimal cooling effect on the material. Silicon Carbide provides excellent flavour, similar to that of quartz however has a slightly more rounded profile and even smoother vapour at the same temps. It is the easiest material to clean as it is resistant to staining and chazzing (burned material sticking to it). 

Ti Bucket settings - around 0.48-0.51 Ohms, TCR 420-450  36W, 160-260C - 6s heat time

Quartz Bucket Settings - TCR 540-590 - 40W - 160-260C - 12s heat time

SiC Bucket Settings - TCR 450-472 - 45W - 160-260C - 12s heat time 

Ceramic Heater Settings - TCR 367 at 33W if dabbing directly on ceramic disk. 

Use code "cheaperplz " for 10% off this product when purchased with a New Sequoia Atomizer or Core e-rig.

Please note output temps will vary, start at the lower end of the TCR numbers and increase them if you're not getting enough vapour when set temp is reached on your mod. Our figures are found using different mods which require different numbers and are also found using various coils which all have slightly different baseline resistance readings, this is why there is quite a large variation in TCR numbers. 

We've found the quartz provides slightly smoother and more voluminous vapour than the Ti, however the Ti buckets are slightly wider so can be loaded with more. They are also a little easier to keep clean, as the increased width makes them easier to wipe out. SiC takes a little while to heat and in the Core reaches 180C on white and 220C on green, but provides the smoothest vapour and biggest clouds for these temperatures. 

We've made a video to show how these coils are replaced

Customer Reviews

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Not much SiC here for the money: I've bought larger dishes for a fraction the cost. This one tastes better though.

Sic buket

very impressed by the quality and costumer service

SiC Bucket

This is hands down the best cup insert of any brand out there. Tried Puffco, Kandypens, you name it. This right here is the one


This new Sequoia bucket is awesome.
Paired with the terp pearls better than any dab rig out there.