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New Sequoia Atomizer by HVT in SS For CBd and aromatherapy - Atomizer Diffuser
New Sequoia Atomizer by HVT in SS with AVS Hexcore Coil Beside
New Sequoia Atomizer by HVT in SS - Internal Airflow and Bucket Image
New Sequoia Atomizer by HVT in SS, Airflow Cap Removed
New Sequoia in Black by HVT
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, New Sequoia Atomizer by HVT in SS For CBd and aromatherapy - Atomizer Diffuser
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, New Sequoia Atomizer by HVT in SS with AVS Hexcore Coil Beside
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, New Sequoia Atomizer by HVT in SS - Internal Airflow and Bucket Image
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, New Sequoia Atomizer by HVT in SS, Airflow Cap Removed
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, New Sequoia in Black by HVT

New Sequoia/ Sai Plus Diffuser

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New Sequoia Titanium Bucket Settings - 0.51 Ohms, 36W, TCR 450 at 200-260C. 

Please note we have a mix of HVT and Crossing branded New Sequoia/Sai Plus, these are identical other than the branding. Due to supply issues we will continue with the Crossing branded Sai Plus Version.

The New Sequoia from HVT available in SS, Black or Titanium (around 30g lighter), select your desired option from the menu. A thorough re-design of the old Sequoia has brought this forward to be among the best bucket based atomizers available. Not only does this have a large 11.9mm Titanium bucket and a flat ceramic heater (which can also be used as a quality dabbing surface), it is also compatible with all the old and new Sequoia and Sai Coils meaning if you choose to upgrade from the Sai you don't have to start again with your coil collection! Titanium, quartz and SiC (Silicon Carbide) buckets are available for this atomizer, please check out the coil/bucket page linked here for descriptions on how the materials differ in performance. The internal diameter of the buckets and coil housings for the New Sequoia coils is around 3mm larger than the Sai, which doesn't sound like a lot but it makes a huge difference. HVT have also had a crushed coil made specially by Advanced Vape Supply out of their Hex-core wire, which is the biggest vapour producer of any pre-made coil we've come across! The final key functional difference here is the airflow intake tube. Instead of being a single hole feeding air to the centre of the bucket, this airflow has been separated into three holes, which face towards the edges. This means the air is going where the concentrate naturally moves to, keeping it moving and vapourizing well. Due to the larger bucket size this atomizer works better with slightly larger dabs.  It's always a good idea to lubricate your o-rings with a little o-ring lubricant to avoid them becoming sticky. 

Please select your desired, discounted, coil option from the dropdown menu. 

All our atomizers are available as bundles which are discounted when parts are purchased together. You can also make your own bundle with any atomizer, mod box and water tool and receive a 5% discount (and free shipping) automatically applied to these products! We've made a video detailing the contents of our bundles and showing how these parts fit together.  

Use discount code "minibundle" when buying any mod and atomizer together for 5% off these products. 

fullbundlediscount - 5% off when purchasing any atomizer, water tool and mod box together. 

All parts for the New Sequoia Atomizer can be found in the New Sequoia collection in the side menu - Products - HVT - New Sequoia, or by clicking this text. 

Vapour Production:

The Sequoia sits firmly in between the Sai and DC V4 Crucible when it comes to vapour production from the bucket, producing smooth vapour. With the added advantage of a more solid build than the V4; this is a great atomizer for out and about, for people who aren't sure about the full rebuildable nature of the V4, want the versatility of the HVT products... and for those that are just a bit smashy! Like the Sai TAF the New Sequoia has fully adjustable top and bottom airflow options for different coils. It also has larger airflow ports which unlike the ones on the Sai are far too large to block up and need cleaning, in many ways it's the ultimate lazy bucket vape. 

Heater/Bucket Setup

The New Sequoia has excellent thermal contact between the ceramic heating coil and base of the bucket which allows the temperature control to be setup with a high degree of accuracy, using a TCR number very close to the one for the coil itself (around tcr 367). Due to the small gap that has been left between the sides of the bucket/coil housing and the inside of the atomizer housing this new feature helps the stay significantly cooler during use than either the Sai TAF or the original Sequoia! Over a session the mouthpiece also stays cooler than that of the V4 Crucible. We have available the replacement glass mouthpiece which stays significantly cooler still. The black version, as with all black objects will get hotter than the matt texture Stainless steel version. 

When using Top Airflow setups (buckets) always keep the bottom airflow holes fully closed. For bottom airflow coils the top airflow should be kept slightly open and the bottom airflow opened fully for the best vapour production. 


For longer sessions with a bucket we advise using the 25mm heat sink to protect your mod box from heat transferred from the atomizer. 

Like all bucket based setups the New Sequoia is great when used with terp balls or terp pearls, these help especially with larger dabs, to mix and spread the material around the bucket helping it vapourize more evenly. This helps preserve the flavour throughout a session and (unless they are pre-heated) slightly slows the speed of vapourization. We haven't found much difference between the two types when used in this bucket so would say this is largely down to personal preference. 

Also available for the New Sequoia is the Poseidon V2 Water tool for Sequoia/Sai Plus! Water tools condition and cool the vapour creating a smoother experience - use code "makeitsmooth" at checkout for a 10% discount on the Poseidon when purchased with a New Sequoia. The Poseidon is a side-slung bubbler designed specifically for the Sequoia and it works a treat!  We also have an o-ring which can be placed around the mouthpiece of the New Sequoia, allowing it to be used with 18mm water tools by simply seating them on top of the o-ring. 

While they have a long lifespan all coil eventually need replacing. Replacement heater coils for the New Sequoia can be found here. We've also made a quick video demonstrating how to change them. 

Use code "cheaperplz" for 10% off extra coils when purchased with a New Sequoia Atomizer. 

We suggest lubricating atomizer o-rings with a small amount of vegetable oil, , o-ring lubricant or similar to avoid them becoming sticky.


Simply wipe out the bucket with tissue or a q-tip while warm. Do not scrub the bucket (quartz or SiC) hard while it is inside the coil housing as it sits on the coil. These coils can be damaged with vigorous cleaning, for deeper cleans unscrew the bucket from the coil housing.

All parts of the atomizer can be soaked in alcohol to clean them, we suggest removing the o-rings first as these degrade with exposure to solvents. Due to the huge airflow holes in the New Sequoia we have found it needs cleaning less regularly than any other atomizer.  

In the Box

  • New Sequoia Atomizer with Bucket coil and Bucket installed (ROHS certified materials) 
  • 11.9mm (W) x 10mm (H) (internal dimensions) bucket. 
  • 25mm Atomizer base 
  • Dab tool
  • Spare O-rings 

Like all the HVT mod based atomizers this comes with a lifetime warranty for the Atomizer itself, this does not include coils or other parts. 

Before use the coil and bucket it should be fired at the highest temp available (not Wattage) on your mod then wiped to remove any excess machining oils from manufacture.  

Planet of the vapes have the Sai and Sai coil materials analysed. All materials were shown to be of high quality. You can view these results here.  We have linked this here as the New Sequoia is made from the same materials in the same factory. 

 This Atomizer/Diffuser requires a regulated mod box capable of sub ohm vaping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Step up from the Sai

I have had sai TAF for a while and been more than satisfied with it but the bucket was just a little too small. The new seq just blows it away. The larger bucket size just makes everything better, bigger loads, more vapour and smoother. Unfortunately the AVS coil was out of stock but Matt helpfully offered alternatives and I settled on a quartz bucket, which to be honest, because of how good the ti bucket is anyway I haven't even got round to trying yet.


The old TAF bucket was too small. Once the SiC dish went in I had no urge to remove it, it heats quicker than the DTV4. I prefer the airflow and simplicity here to the M22.

Quality product by quality supplier

Amazing flavours, easy loading and cleaning, definitely a step up from the Sai Taf. Great service and really helpful with any questions you may have. Don’t go anywhere else for your vape needs. Recommended vape supplies will always be my top recommendation.

Very pleased you're enjoying it, thanks for the kind words :)

New Sequoia Atomizer by HVT

Amazing service and super quality product. Highly recommend ordering from recommended vape supplies. They were very helpful in getting my head around mods and different types of atomizers and coils.

Great customer service

Haven’t got my stuff yet, but I live overseas a long long away and it’s COVID-19 times so I don’t expect to get it for week’s yet, but the people who run the company answer your questions straight away, and I mean straight away, send ur stuff off straight away, and are just really lovely to deal with. Highly recommended 👍🙏