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XMAX V3 PRO Bubbler
XMAX V3 PRO Bubbler mouthpiece
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Bubbler Mouthpiece - XMAX V3 PRO

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These are the official Mini bubbler mouthpieces from XMAX for the V3 PRO Convection Vaporizer. They provide vapor cooling and water conditioning in one tidy package which replaces the original airflow cap for your V3 PRO. 

You can even insert a length of Vaporizer Hose/Whip directly into the hole where the glass bubbler would normally fit for easy extension to almost any setup.... or direct to your mouth! 

  • Fill to just above the small holes at the bottom. Any higher and you risk flooding the bubbler
  • Fill from the bottom to avoid water becoming trapped in the mouthpiece tube, you only need a tiny amount 
  • Hold at an angle during use for best results
  • Spill proof design can be stored at any angle


  • V3 Pro Adapter Cap with Silicone Gasket (FDA Approved)
  • Mesh screen and metal screen for particle filtration
  • Borosilicate glass bubbler - 2mm thick glass
  • Bubbler Dimension - Approx 95mm x 15mm  

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Quick delivery. Does cool the smoke down but needs refilling alot.

John Toker
V3 pro bubbler attachment takes this vape up a notch

Although it doesn’t hold much water, this attachment works to cool down vapor. I can now comfortably vape at the higher temps without coughs. Seems more a piece for at home than on the move because it’s glass. The housing for the fitting is not plastic like the mouthpiece that comes with the vape. Instead it is metal and fits more firmly and securely. Not sure on how easy it is to clean as I haven’t tried to dismantle it yet but looks like it should be easy to soak in ISO and use a pipe cleaner on. Great service from the shop. Wrong part sent, rectified within a day. Can’t say fairer than that!

Glad you like it, it does seem to work better than expected for the amount of water inside! Agreed, it's a bit long for out and about, I'm waiting for them to make a storage case for the two!! Sorry about the initial mix up, glad we could sort it quickly for you :) and thanks for the review! - Matt