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XMAX V3 PRO Bubbler
XMAX V3 PRO Bubbler mouthpiece
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Bubbler - XMAX V3 PRO

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These are the official Mini bubbler mouthpieces from XMAX for the V3 PRO Convection Vaporizer. They provide vapor cooling and water conditioning in one tidy package which replaces the original airflow cap for your V3 PRO. 

You can even insert a length of Vaporizer Hose/Whip directly into the hole where the glass bubbler would normally fit for easy extension to almost any setup.... or direct to your mouth! 

  • Fill to just above the small holes at the bottom. Any higher and you risk flooding the bubbler
  • Fill from the bottom to avoid water becoming trapped in the mouthpiece tube, you only need a tiny amount 
  • Hold at an angle during use for best results
  • Spill proof design can be stored at any angle


  • V3 Pro Adapter Cap with Silicone Gasket (FDA Approved)
  • Mesh screen and metal screen for particle filtration
  • Borosilicate glass bubbler - 2mm thick glass
  • Bubbler Dimension - Approx 95mm x 15mm  

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mark Shikada
It works, but annoying experience and risky

Form & Function:
The form factor is tall, slim and straight. This means it must be used pointing completely upright to ensure proper use.

Risk & Precision:
It is engineered to only hold a tiny amount of water. Any excess water flows out automatically. If it's attached to your vape and some water flows out, there's serious risk of damaging your device and soaking whatever is in your chamber.

User Experience:
Once the bubbler has accepted the right amount of water, it barely covers the internal air holes, meaning you can't tilt it much at all when using it.

I think the physics of the design needs to be improved to provide a more forgiving user experience. Overall, it does work, but I think it's too precise, risky and annoying for casual use cases. It can be used on the go, but it's not easy, subtle nor that effective unfortunately.

Terry Lloyd

excellent little bubbler works very well

John 5
V3 Pro Bubbler

Great little add-on for this vape. You can take much longer hits at higher temperatures without needing to cough.

Love you Matt

Very helpful, I don’t feel alone when I need to know something about my vape! Will always order again from here!
Top customer service!
Can always call and ask for help!

Hahahah I'm very pleased I could help! Thanks for the review... and the love!!


Quick delivery. Does cool the smoke down but needs refilling alot.