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5.0 super scrubber duckys - all size pack

5.0 Super Scrubber Duckys - Duckys/Eggs

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For those of you that are looking at this listing thinking something like, what in the hell is this all about, allow me to explain! 

Super Scrubber Duckys are cleaning kits for your glassware. They consist of small magnets which are covered with a natural non-scratch material along with a rubber coated magnetic handle and are a game changer for maintaining clean glassware!

Simply pop a Ducky, a Micro Egg or Mini Egg inside your bubbler (while there is water inside) then whenever residue starts to build up use the accompanying magnetic handle from the outside, to move the Ducky Scrubber around inside the glassware to scrub it clean! They are amazing for cleaning tough deposits from the inside without the need for solvent soaks, just water! The colder the better! 


Kit Includes



From the good people at Scrubber Duckys...

Brand New 2024 Version 5.0 Scrubber Duckys!

Magnetic Water Pipe Scrubbers - Drop a magnetic Ducky shaped scrubber into your dirtiest glass and be able to scrub the inside, from the outside. Finally be able to reach those grimy spots you never could before!


All New Kit Design!

  • Stronger Magnets
  • Washable Scrubbers


Reusable! To wash your ducky and Mini/Micro eggs simply alternate rinsing your dirty duck with Scrubber Duckys "BATH WATER" cleaner and then under warm tap water.

  • Ducky size: 14.5 mm

  • Mini-Egg size: 9 mm
  • Micro Egg size: 3mm
  • Ducky will fit most 18mm & some 15mm down-tube openings or larger
  • Mini-eggs will fit openings 10mm or larger



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    J P
    Very useful

    Good for reaching awkward spots. Reaches pretty much everywhere a brush can't. Quack to that🦆

    Weird but cute

    Gets into the spots you'd normally not be able to reach. For the rigs I use the micro eggs are the most handy. But they are micro though I have a lot of 10mm rigs