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New 5.0 Super Scrubber Duckys
New 5.0 Super Scrubber Duckys
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, New 5.0 Super Scrubber Duckys

5.0 Super Scrubber Duckys - Ducky Pack

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For those of you that are looking at this listing thinking something like, what in the hell is this all about, allow me to explain! 

Super Scrubber Duckys are cleaning kits for your glassware. They consist of small magnets which are covered with a natural non-scratch material along with a rubber coated magnetic handle and are a game changer for maintaining clean glassware!

Simply pop a Ducky inside your bubbler then whenever residue starts to build up use the accompanying magnetic handle from the outside, to move the Ducky Scrubber around inside the glassware to scrub it clean! They are amazing for cleaning tough deposits from the inside without the need for solvent soaks, just water! The colder the better! 

This kit is ideal for 18.8mm bubblers. We have an alternative kit which includes mini and micro eggs for smaller joint sizes.


Kit Includes

  • 3 x Ducky Scrubbers
  • 1 x Heavy Duty, Rubber Coated, Magnetic Handle
  • 1 x  Storage Tin
  • Perfect for 18mm Bubblers 

Ducky Scrubbers fit straight into most 14.5mm down tubes (straight tubes) or larger size openings but can also be cut down to size if you need to fit them through a smaller joint, though we wouldn't advise cutting the magnet, only trimming the ducky down if its a little large for the opening! Be sure to only trim the excess, avoiding cutting the seam. We also have the Scrubber kit with micro and mini eggs for smaller joint sizes. 


From the good people at Scrubber Duckys...

Brand New 2023 Version 5.0 Scrubber Duckys!

Magnetic Water Pipe Scrubbers - Drop a magnetic Ducky shaped scrubber into your dirtiest glass and be able to scrub the inside, from the outside. Finally be able to reach those grimy spots you never could before!


All New Kit Design!

  • Stronger Magnets
  • Washable Scrubbers


Reusable! To wash your ducky and Mini/Micro eggs simply alternate rinsing your dirty duck with Scrubber Duckys "BATH WATER" cleaner and then under warm tap water.

  • Our New Super Scrubber Duckys are washable and can also be cut to size to fit into smaller water pipes.
  • To use opposite scrubbing sides, simply flip the outer magnetic handle. Watch your Duckys do backflips!
  • Duckys are made from Natural, Scratch- free material.
  • Ducky size: 14.5 mm
  • Ducky will fit 18mm or larger & most 15mm down-tube openings

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Scrubber Ducky

Got my water stained Mobius back to normal with some DC cleaner. Careful trimming them incase you go too close to the seams. I should've bought the smaller ones! Great service and quick shipping