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Battery Supply and Safety Information. Please Read.

Here at Recommended Vape Supplies been looking into various suppliers in the UK for high quality batteries for use in vapes and mod boxes and for the moment have decided the best and safest option for our customers is to buy our stock directly to our favourite source - Fogstar! They put safety first by providing only A rated high quality batteries which are batch tested with data sheets available. 

For wholesale orders we've included a link below, we've never had any issues with their products or service and recommend them as our most trusted battery supplier for larger orders!

Battery Safety Information Please read

  • We only stock Molicell batteries as they are authorized specifically for use in high power vaping devices. All our cells are sourced directly from Fogstar who hold full MSDS and specifications sheets, as well as batch test reports for all the cells they stock. We can obtain digital copies on request.
  • Lithium batteries can be dangerous if mistreated or mis-used. Please familiarize yourself with these points. 
  • Always use a case for safe storage when not in use. Never in your pocket, purse etc. Keep away from keys, coins and small metallic objects. 
  • Batteries should never be charged in a mod. It’s good practice to charge batteries on an external charger that is correctly rated for Li-Ion cells. Never leave them charging unattended and they should be removed when fully charged.
  • Batteries should be periodically inspected for tears and rips. Never use a batteries with a damaged PVC wrap, either recycle the cell or repair immediately. 
  • Do not over-stress these batteries. Batteries should be suitable for the application (correct size, amp draw etc).
  • Batteries with the same level of charge should be used together in dual battery mods. Your safety is our priority. 
  • Please discard your batteries in accordance with local regulations and laws. 
  • The user assumes all associated risks.