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Vortex Recycling Rig - 14mm Female - Side View - RBR Style
Vortex Recycling Rig - 14mm Female - matrix percolator

Vortex Recycler Rig - RBR Style Rig

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Finally back in stock from a new manufacturer, these are made to a higher standard than before!

The Vortex Recycler Rig is an exceptionally stable compact recycling bubbler with a built in handle in the form of the vortex producer. It has a small matrix style percolator head which provides initial vapour conditioning, then the water and vapour passes up the main tube and into and past the vortex producer where you'll receive smooth tasty vapour and see an impressive vortex action.

As is the case with all recycling rigs there is a little draw resistance but this rig is more free flowing than many we've tried. Due to the design the draw resistance is very stable and provides a smooth draw from the bubbler. Fill level is adjustable and can be set up depending on the vaporizer you're using or can be setup based on the speed air is being drawn through the rig (less water for less restricted setups and vice versa). Being recycling bubblers with slightly more draw resistance than something like the Globe or Mega Cube, these make a great solution for use with dabs but are also very well suited to herb vaporizers.  

Having a low center of gravity and mouthing point directly above the base, this is one of the most stable recycling rigs we have come across making it an excellent choice for use with drop down adapters where desired. We would suggest using the Tall S shape adapters for this type of setup due to the shape of the bubbler. The rig is made even more stable by the it's relatively large fill capacity of around 100ml which fills the base, weighing the bubbler down from the bottom. 

To clean the rig either run hot water through it or if you have some stubborn residue, first soak it with ISO, then when the residue has been degraded run hot water through it. Mini Scrubbers with a Scrubber Ducky are also very handy for removing stubborn residues. 

Features and Specifications 

  • 14mm female glass joint
  • Recycling Vortex Rig with Handle (if your hand fits the gap!)
  • 100ml Capacity (approx.)
  • Approx. 3.5mm thick external glass (approx.)
  • Approx. 14cm longest point (base to mouthpiece), 8cm wide x 20cm tall
  • Please Note: Due to the short joints on the bowls, the QaromaShop Titanium Adapter Bowls are not compatible with this bubbler! Neither are the QaromaShop Ash catchers. 


  • Vortex Recycler Rig - RBR Style


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Really nice bit if glass,it's a compact piece which feels nice in the hand and very well made the piece us heavy!first experience of a tornado bong and it will take a bit of time to get the perfect draw, overall very impressed and would happily recommend

Very pleased

Fantastic rig for the price, has a nice pull and allows terps to come through nicely. Kinda tempted to get another!

Ziyad Fayad

Great function. Using as my dab rig. Thanks so much

Christopher Eaves
Vortex recycler

Nice pleased with it

James Duncan
Works great

Good pull nice function and a great price perfect size for dabs if in my opinion