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The TUG E-rig
The TUG E-rig
The TUG E-rig
The TUG E-rig
The TUG E-rig
The TUG E-rig
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The TUG E-rig

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The Tug E-rig is a new portable dab rig from Crossing Tech which has been designed to be super user friendly and simple to use, much like the Core 2.0 but at an even more wallet friendly price! It comes with everything required to get dabbing (except the dabs) and makes use of a single button which controls everything! 

Also included with the TUG is a ceramic 3D heated chamber with heating elements inside the base and the sides of the ceramic, this helps the Tug produce thick clouds of tasty vapor with minimal effort. The TUG heater also has taller than usual side walls which help contain the concentrate inside the heated cup and allow for both more powerful inhales and a wide range of compatible carb caps, in case you prefer to use an existing one over the provided carb cap.  

The TUG is an ideal entry level rig but is also well suited to experienced dabbers who want something which "just works!". Making use of a variable voltage heating system with haptic feedback to let you know when the session is reached, there is only a small learning curve for this device. 



  • One button functionality for ease of use
  • 3D Heated high polish ceramic vaping surface
  • Replaceable atomizer 
  • Vortex Airflow - Aluminum spinner carb cap with carb cap tether (Our Design)
  • Borosilicate Glass Bubbler
  • Four carefully tuned heat settings 
  • Glass and Silicone Vapor Pathway
  • Low maintenance 
  • Approx. 1 hour 45 minute charging time
  • 2700mah Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • Approx. 16 full sessions - mixed power settings 
  • Under-Lit Bubbler LED  
  • Feedback Free Bubbler (our Design)



  • Always hold your e-rig upright! If you angle it during use concentrate will spill out the bucket! Now that's out the way...
  • Charge your base using the provided wall plug and cable. 
  • Fill the bubbler from the top, when it is removed from the base. Ensure any excess liquid has been wiped away.
  • Do not fill the bubbler past the bottom third. 
  • Place bubbler onto TUG Base then gently and firmly push it straight down into place so that the sucker seals onto the bottom. 
  • Select your desired heat setting (start low if you're not sure).
  • Now that's all done we get onto the vaping methods as there are different ways the TUG E-rig can be used! (yes we copied this next section from the Core 2.0 page as the vaping instructions are identical!)


Vaping methods

Cold Starts - This method is best for getting the most flavour and material preservation as you start inhaling as soon as vapour is being produced. Vaping in this way will cause the session temperatures to be slightly lower than otherwise because the air passing around the heater will decrease heating speed.  You can start your inhale at any point, we suggest keeping an eye on the button flashes so that you can always begin inhaling after a set number of flashes, if desired, providing a very consistent and repeatable experience. 

  • Load a rice grain size dab into the heater
  • Press the fire button twice to activate session mode
  • When your concentrate starts to bubble begin inhaling gently with the carb cap left off
  • When the TUG base vibrates place the carb cap back on and continue your inhale as you normally would
  • For subsequent inhalations just inhale as desired, when the flavour leaves your material, the vapor becomes harsh or stops being produces press the fire button once more to cancel the session
  • If you still have material left inside at the end of the session simple hit the fire button twice again and start vaping immediately, no need to wait for the vibrate as your heater will already be close to vaping temperature. The second session will always run a little hotter than the first if it is started straight after

Hot Starts - Vaping in this way allows the heater to reach full temperature for any given setting; so this method is best for getting the maximum vapor production and effects as quickly as possible. 

  • Press the power button twice to activate session mode
  • Load your dab onto your dab tool - basmati rice size again
  • Wait for the TUG base to vibrate indicating the session temperature has been reached
  • While inhaling gently load the dab into the heater, then replace the carb cap and inhale as your normally would 
  • For subsequent inhales you can carry on as desired. The same applies here with regard to finishing your session. If your material is finished hit the fire button once to cancel the session early, if you still have material left simply hit it twice when the session has ended to start it again! 
  • As with cold starts, follow up sessions will always run a little hotter. 

Manual Heating - Self explanatory, load a small rice size dab into the heater and hold down the power button. Inhale as desired. 

Manual hold can also be used instead of double pressing to finish a session or to heat the heater for easier cleaning. 


Button Functions

  • Hold - Manual fire up to 60 seconds
  • Two clicks - Activate session mode - One click to cancel
  • Three Clicks - Change heat setting - Blue/Green/White/Red from Low to High
  • Four Click - Display power level - Red/Low - White/Medium - Green/Full
  • Five Clicks - Lock or unlock Core 2.0 Base


Sessions temperatures

The total session time for the is 80 seconds, this includes the pre-heat time. When the temperature has been reached and pre-heat is finished the TUG will vibrate. Each heating profile has been set up with a multi-stage voltage profile set up to maintain a fairly stable temperature during use. The longer you wait to inhale, the higher the temperature will be so we suggest starting with the vibrate and taking it from there! This is useful information as it's possible to get higher temps than are listed below by simply waiting for a few seconds after the pre-heat vibrate! 

  • Blue -  Approx. 210-220C
  • Green - Approx. 220-230C
  • White - Approx. 240-250C 
  • Red - Approx. 260-270C



  • Wipe out heater with a q-tip after each use
  • Clean the area around the RDA heater weekly to stop residue building up
  • Replace bubbler water daily
  • To clean bubbler fill with hot water and shake to remove large residues. Soak in ISO to fully clean. Rinse thoroughly with warm water after soaking.  





  • CE Certified
  • ROHS Certified Materials
  • FDA Approved Silicone
  • UN 38.3 Certified Li-Ion Battery Pack. 


Safety Features 

  • Over-charge 
  • Over-discharge/Low battery
  • Over-heat 
  • Low heater resistance
  • Short-circuit 
  • No atomizer 


Warning Lights - When your TUG base flashes three times it's trying to tell you something...

  • Blue - Short-circuit warning
  • Green - No atomizer warning
  • White - Over-heat warning
  • Red - Low battery warning


Warranty information

  • For all warranty claims please contact the store you purchased from.
  • The TUG power base is covered by a one year manufacturer warranty against defects.
  • The atomizer is covered by a one week manufacturer warranty against defects.
  • While atomizers are expected to last much longer than one week, they can be damaged by mishandling and misuse. We understand that not everyone will use the device daily or immediately so offer a one week warranty, from the date of delivery, to report any issue with your atomizer.



SZ Crossing or its retailers are not responsible for, and accepts no liability for, the use or misuse of this product by the customer. All SZ Crossing products are designed and sold for adult use and for legal purposes only. It is the end user's responsibility to be aware local laws and regulations and adhere to them.



Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Duncan Mitchelson
Awesome Wee Device

Was so impressed with this totally portable E-rig , I bought a 2nd one for my son . I use a desktop E-nail rig mostly , but this awesome wee device does the job when out visiting and expect it will be well used and tested when weather gets better and we go camping. I highly recommend the TUG E-rig for entry level dabbers and for the experienced dab lovers also .