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The Neutralizer - Compact Kit

The Neutralizer - Compact Kit - Eliminate Unwanted Odours

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The one. The only. The best. The Neutralizer. 

Yep we love them that much, they provide unparalleled performance and are now only smell remover we use, though we use one Pro kit and move it around as required. 

2013 European Product awards - Best product of 2013

Spannabis Barcelona 2018-2019 - Best product winner


General use

The Neutralizer is the by far the best odor neutraliser we've come across, unlike most of the competition it doesn't rely on a warm room as it has active heating so still provides great performance where others would provide almost none! Having active heating it also provides much better results under regular conditions due to the increased spread caused by the excited molecules (they have more energy as they've been heated). The Neutralizer kits require a 3 pin UK wall socket for use. 

To cover vaping smells start the Neutralizer up around 20 minutes before vaping and leave on while vaping. For combustion it's best to start it around an hour before to allow a good level of saturation for when you start smoking. It can clear the smell of a smoky room in around an hour if put on after you have started. If you happen to have plants with a stinky odour the Neutralizer can help out here too, for maximum effectiveness it should be left on at all times, however if using it on a timer, on for 45 minutes, off for half an hour during the smelliest times, should keep smell levels low enough that they aren't really distinguishable. On that note, never leave any smelly products in a room with plants as they will take on smells and with products such as this, smells will be neutralized. Always leave them outside the room, out of the air-flow entering the room. 



While it is not advised by the manufacturer the Neutralizer can also be placed on a timer to go on and off as desired. It is worth noting that the Neutralizer runs hotter initially so after a few months of being used on a timer the effectiveness will decrease slightly, needing longer periods for neutralization. This is due to some of the compounds diffusing faster when it's hotter. We haven't found this makes much of a difference  past needing to be on for a bit longer but is noteworthy if you want maximum effectiveness. 

For low level smells the Neutralizer can be set to come on for 15 minutes out of every hour to keep them to a minimum. 


Life-span - Tank longevity 

In terms of longevity the Neutralizers can be run for around 6 weeks if they are on 24/7. However we have been running one for 8 months on the same tank during smelly periods only and using a timer instead of leaving it on constantly during these periods... so depending on your usage and requirements they can used very efficiently. 


Performance Tips

For the best performance place your Neutralizer somewhere airy so that the drafts can spread the aroma around the room. If you have a smaller area this isn't necessary but when neutralising the smell in a larger space when using the pro kit, it makes a big difference. If you really want to push it further you can wait for it to heat up, which will take around 15 minutes, then place a small fan next to it. By doing this you can also remove the smells from larger areas, though it will take longer. 

Speed of Neutralization will depend on the size of the room, the size of the kit, the temperature in the room and the level of airflow. Please ensure you purchase a kit that offers the correct level of coverage, if you're unsure we would always suggest going larger, then running it on a timer if it is too powerful for the space. 

If you need to remove smells super quickly you can decant a little liquid into other heated diffusers, oil rings and similar. Ensure you keep them running at low temperatures no higher than 30C. This is not recommended and is done at the users risk. Wear gloves, eye and any other protections if you choose to do this. You can also place a little liquid on a saucer on a radiator with very similar results. Never use Neutralizer liquid in a device you inhale through. 



Please note the Neutralizer will not remove existing smells from furniture as they often penetrate very deeply, but it can stop them from building up if the Neutralizer is used during a session and left on for half an hour to an hour afterwards, depending on the size of the room, Neutralizer kit size and whether you're combusting material. If combusting a smokey smell may be left in materials due to the settling of combusted materials, but any smells caused by terpenes will be removed. 

Ensure that you purchase a kit which provides appropriate coverage for the space you intent to Neutralize. 


Information from the Manufacturer

The Compact Kit is able to neutralize a space of 20m3, or 710ft3*. The oil will last 6 weeks with 24 hour use. It only requires 1 hour for the room to be fully neutralized and smell free. Comes with a zip tie so you can attach this to your grow tent easily (though we wouldn't leave it this close).

  1. Oils are a very active ingredient. Whilst natural they can be corrosive to certain material types. If any leakage occurs wipe clean immediately to avoid any damage to furniture etc.
  2. Comact KIT, needs 1 hour activation time. This means that we take 1 hour to fill up the space we are working in. We strongly advise to have an active air movement within the area. Slightly open window or a small fan to help move the particles around.
  3. The road kit is the only variation to point above. The oils contain an accelerant and this was designed for start and stop use.
  4. Do not position in a confined space as this will minimise efficiency. so, if in a living room for instance, not to put in a corner where you have the sofa and other bits in very close proximity. This will not allow molecular expansion or air currents to transport us where needed.
  5. Best used at room temperature.
  6. Positioning is key. Results can vary with 1 ft of movement of the unit. It all depends a little on air circulation in the room. 
  7. Check out our Instagram for customer testimonials and reviews.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Neutralizer Compact Kit
  • 1 x Compact KIT CARTRIDGE (TNRC-100 40ml / 1.35 US oz)
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • Non-harmful essential oil blend
  • Lavender scented 
  • Non-clinging smell
  • Not for direct inhalation
  • 220-230V UK 3-pin plug

While this product contains a natural blend of non-harmful essential oils, like all oil diffusers this product may cause serious irritation in some users when inhaled. If this occurs stop use immediately. This is a note from us, we have no knowledge of any events where this has occurred and this is not mentioned by the manufacturer, but sensitivities can occur with many different compounds so we figure it's worth adding in.  

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