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The Neutralizer - Car Road Kit - Eliminate Unwanted Odours
The Neutralizer - Car Road Kit - Eliminate Unwanted odours box
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The Neutralizer - Car Road Kit - Eliminate Unwanted Odours

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The one. The only. The best. The Neutralizer Car Road Kit. 

Yep we love them that much, they provide unparalleled performance and are now only smell remover we use.


General use

The Neutralizer is the by far the best odor neutraliser we've come across, unlike most of the competition it doesn't rely on a warm temperatures as it has active heating so still provides great performance where others would provide almost none! Having active heating it also provides much better results under regular conditions due to the increased spread caused by the excited molecules (they have more energy as they've been heated). The Neutralizer Car Road Kits come with a 12V car lighter plug. 

To cover vaping smells start the Neutralizer up around 5 minutes before vaping and leave on while vaping. For combustion smells while driving it is a little less effective as smoke can escape easily un-neutralizer. The Road kit takes only 5 minutes to fully activate and start neutralizing as it has accelerants in the oil mix. 


Life-span - Tank longevity 

The Car Road Kit can be run for 96 hours constantly for 24 hours a day. If plugged in only when smells are being created or material is being transported it is a very efficient and effective method for neutralization. No more wafting from the boot (if you put it in the boot). 



Please note the Neutralizer will not remove existing smells from furniture as they often penetrate very deeply, but it can stop them from building up if the Neutralizer is used during smell creation. If combusting a smoky smell may be left in materials due to the settling of combusted materials, but any smells caused by terpenes will be removed. 


Information from the Manufacturer

The Neutralizer Road Kit has been specifically designed to eliminate unwanted odours in your car. Unlike other Neutralizers on the market, The Road Kit ensures that unwanted odours will be neutralized completely (neutralized, not masked!).

The Neutralizer also uses the same combination of more than 140 essential oils, that are complete harmless to humans, animals, plants and environment. The composition of the oils is a little bit different though, because The Neutralizer Road Kit needs to work faster than the other Neutralizers. Where the other Neutralizers take about an hour to warm up and spread the oils, The Road Kit only needs 5 minutes to warm up and spread the oils. As soon as the oils are being spread, unwanted odours will be neutralized in a molecular level immediately. When somebody then gets in your car, or leans over to your window, they will only smell a pleasant, fresh odour.

  1. Oils are a very active ingredient. Whilst natural they can be corrosive to certain material types. If any leakage occurs wipe clean immediately to avoid any damage to furniture etc.
  2. Road Kit needs 5 minutes activation time. This means that we take 5 minutes to fill up the space. 
  3. The road kit oils contain an accelerant and this was designed for start and stop use.
  4. Do not position in a confined space as this will minimise efficiency. so, if in a living room for instance, not to put in a corner where you have the sofa and other bits in very close proximity. This will not allow molecular expansion or air currents to transport us where needed.
  5. Best used at room temperature.
  6. Check out our Instagram for customer testimonials and reviews.

What’s In The Box

  • Kit Contains 1 EME (Electronic Molecule Evaporator) and 1 Cartridge
  • Essential Oil Based
  • Not Harmful - Natural Ingredient Blend
  • No Absorption into the surrounding environment
  • Compact Plugin Size
  • Neutralizes within 5 minutes
  • Premium Quality Ingredients
  • Neutralizes a Sedan / SUV
  • Up to 92 Hours - constant 24hr use
  • Replaceable Cartridges
  • Lavender scented 
  • Not for direct inhalation (i.e. not for use as a dab in a diffuser) 

While this product contains a natural blend of non-harmful essential oils, like all oil diffusers this product may cause irritation in some users when inhaled. If this occurs stop use immediately. This is a note from us, we have no knowledge of any events where this has occurred and this is not mentioned by the manufacturer, but sensitivities can occur with many different compounds so we figure it's worth adding in.  

  • 2013 European Product awards - Best product of 2013
  • Spannabis Barcelona 2018-2019 - Best product winner



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