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9.5 x 4mm Quartz Rod for TRVP RDA Builds
9.5 x 4mm Porous Black Ceramic and Quartz Rods for TRVP RDA Builds
9.5 x 4mm or 9.5 x 3mm approx Porous Black Ceramic Rod for TRVP RDA Builds
TRVP Blueprint with 4mm quartz rod wrapped with Renegade X 22 Gauge SS Wire
TRVP with Porous Black Ceramic Rod wrapped with AVS Oct-core SS136l Wire

Quartz and Porous Black Ceramic Rods for TRVP and other RDA's

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Now with the option of 9 x 3mm or 9mm x 4mm which makes them an excellent size for use in the TRVP Blueprint Atomizer or other concentrate vapourizing RDAs that takes custom coils. These rods serve as a surface for vapourization and to help evenly distribute the heat across your wire coil Please select your option from the dropdown menu. We have the 3mm rods only in quartz, since the black ceramic is porous we figure the more of it is, the better. 

Due to their structure and hence fragility; the porous black ceramic rods vary slightly in their size but are made to similar dimensions. 

As is always the case with these materials, the quartz provides a slightly sharper flavour profile and harder throat hits with the porous black ceramic providing smoother clouds with a more rounded flavour. Porous ceramic is best when used with cleaner and purer concentrates that leave less residue. 

Using these is easily the most economical way to run a wrapped rod setup. They can be wrapped with any of the wires we stock in spools, from the grade 1 Titanium Wire  to the Advanced Vape Supply Oct-core or even the Framed Staple!

For cleaning the quartz can be removed from the coil and blowtorched then wiped, or soaked in cleaning solvent, wiped, rinsed, dried; then used over and over again! The ceramic can also be cleaned in this way but cannot be kept as clean as quartz. It is also more fragile. We soak this to remove excess residue, then blowtorch, rinse, dry and blowtorch again or heat on wattage mode in the new/cleaned coil. 

After making your coil always turn the temperature up to full on your mod, or onto wattage mode at 10-20 watts (coil material dependent) and burn off any excess residues left over from manufacture. 

We've recently stocked these in greater numbers so have permanently decreased the price. 

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Indispensable if you use round wire