Phoenician Grinders Medium - 4 Piece – Recommended Vape Supplies
Phoenician Grinders Medium - 4 Piece
Phoenician Grinders Medium - 4 Piece Purple
Phoenician Grinders Medium - 4 Piece - Black
Phoenician Grinders Medium - 4 Piece - Red
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Phoenician Grinders Medium - 4 Piece

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Phoenician Grinders produce the worlds best toothed grinder and our favourite by a decent margin! Unlike the competition Phoenician Grinders use sharp diametrically cut teeth which slice through, sheering your material to perfection. This makes for an easier grinding experience with less resistance and a completely uniform fluffy result. The ergonomics and machining precision are also something to behold! The Medium 4-Piece is just small enough to fit in a pocket and is capable of grinding up to 3.5g in one go! 



Diametrically cut, sharp teeth - sheer don't shred. These teeth cut through your herb separating it naturally, keeping your it light and fluffy. It also provides a very consistent grind between materials. The sharp teeth avoid compacting your herb when the lid is placed on, a unique feature for CNC milled grinders and one which makes grinding the herb much easier as it reduces grind resistance. Reduced resistance is ideal for people who sometimes struggle with regular toothed grinders, this reduced resistance is enhanced by the incredibly ergonomic grip the grinder provides. Combined, this makes for a very smooth grinding experience. They also leave more space for the herb, providing more capacity than other grinders of the same size! 

Quick lock Mechanism - Phoenician Grinders are threadless grinders, with no screw thread to cross-thread or fill up with dirt or residue. This makes them easy to assemble and disassemble as they only lock closed with the force you use! Closing them lightly will allow an easy opening and using force will lock the parts more firmly in place! 

A removable, replaceable and upgradeable 300 micron, tear proof stainless steel screen which can be swapped out with different micron size screens, depending on your preference. These are available in the Upgrade Kit

The phoenician has by far the best kief catch, solid and effective, and if you get the upgrade kit then give your grinder a little shake after grinding (with ground herb inside) when using the 400 micron mesh you can almost completely eliminate feedback through your vaporizer screen as all the smaller particles will be in your catch. Other grinders tend to have much finer meshes that collect kief but do not aid in your vaporization experience as they leave all the small particles free, ready to be sucked through the air path! 


Medium 4-Piece Grinder

  • 4 Piece Grinder (can be used as 3 piece without screen section) 
  • Precision Manufacturing with Perfect Alignment
  • 4 Piece - Diameter: 2.470" (6.3cm)| Height: 2.225" (5.6cm)
  • 3 Piece - 6.3cm Wide x 4cm Tall
  • Weight: 6.9oz.
  • Medical Grade Materials
  • Individually serialized for Traceability and Authenticity
  • Patent pending lock notch design system
  • Tear-proof removable 300 micron screen
  • Burr-free surface
  • DFARS compliant aerospace-grade 6061-T6
  • Anodized Coating 
  • Provide a clump free medium/fine grind ideal for most vaporizers 
  • Approx. 3g max grinding capacity 



  • Hold your grinder upright during use so that the material falls through the holes evenly and isn't obstructed by ground material in the chamber below. 
  • Remove large stems! Might be obvious but is worth saying. 
  • To grind, twist the top of the grinder back and forth about 1/4 turn, occasionally rotating it a half turn. 
  • While grinding, if you encounter more resistance than is comfortable in one direction, don't force it. Gently grind back and forth, up to the point you feel the resistance and the material will break up, you can also try turning it half a turn in the opposite direction, then continue grinding.
  • The grinder blades are sharp enough to break up the material without excessive force and going gently will also result in a more consistent result! 
  • They're the same size as the Cvault Twist storage pots so you can grind directly into them if you prefer! These also make for spill free unloading of a full grind as the grinder chamber fits perfectly into the pot, but the grinder can't fall in! Very convenient. 
  • These grinders (along with most others) don't work well with very wet herb, if you find your herb clumps please allow it to dry as these are designed to work with dry or cured material. We have only had this happen with one, particularly wet lot of herb which felt damp to the touch.  


Grinder Care and Cleaning

Phoenician herb grinders are built to last. We recommend taking good care of it, including cleaning monthly to get the best from it. This will extend the life of your grinder and preserve your warranty.

Read more about Grinder Care here.  



Coverage: Phoenician Grinders confidently stands behind the functionality of our products with a limited-lifetime warranty. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is applicable to grinders purchased through an authorized reseller or direct from Phoenician. This Limited Lifetime Warranty specifically, covers functional aspects of the grinder components, which include: the grinder teeth, the lock notch couplings and the screen brace. If any of these components exhibit damage that hinder normal operation we will be happy to send a replacement.

Limitations: Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover surface scratches, dents, chipped magnets, squeaky components, stripped screws, damaged screens, torn screens or general wear as a result of use. Any physical damage will void warranty. The warranty does not cover any lost or stolen products or those damaged by improper use or cleaning.  For more information see Grinder Care.  



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nicholas K.
The best out there

I bought the four piece large grinder and let me tell you it was worth every penny. From the easy to unscrew levels to the sharpness of the teeth, nothing was missed. Probably wont be needing another grinder for a while.

Nicholas K.
Best Grinder Available Anywhere

Phoenician is the most thoughtfully designed grinder on the market, and in terms of pure functionality during grinding, I would give it 5 stars. If they would offer a stronger magnet option for those who prefer a tighter close that would be the icing on the cake.

Nicholas K.
Cuts through the buds like butter.

Cuts through the buds like butter. Nice fluffy grind.

Nice looking Grinder great range of colours a little too rough a grind for my taste

This makes a very loose rough mix which is nice for some of the tight packing induction devices such as the IQ2 and Pax and some convection vapes Air vapes etc but generally I prefer the flower mill, However i will agree that following Matt's advice around temp and dampness of stems there was a marked improvement, and the half turn open is also nice, the Colour is also nice so based on all the following its not my fave grinder, but as a spare its fine.
After Matt's very helpful suggestions i have re-appraised the grinder its still too rough a mix for me, but i have seen spoiled with a flower mill and its a tough act to follow. I would also like to add that any dealings i have had with Matt have always been very professional and courteous and i have bought a lot from RVS down the years.

Thanks for the update! Very pleased the tips have helped, I'll leave my original points here as it might be useful to someone else. I'm glad drying it a little helped!

If the material is not grinding as expected:
- If you have fresh material it may need to be dried a little before use. If it's too wet (or very leafy) it will not grind properly as this is designed for dry material.
- This is made worse if there are damp stems inside as they're very flexible and strong
- Is it possible you're putting too much in?
- If the catch section with the herb is full, no more material can pass through the holes. - - This is especially obvious if the grinder is not held upright during use as the herb will all pile up on one side which is the side the herb is trying to fall through.