V2 Globe Matrix - Dark Glass Bubbler - 14mm or 18mm – Recommended Vape Supplies
V2 mega globe matrix bubbler 14mm or 18mm
V2 mega globe matrix bubbler 14mm or 18mm
V2 Globe Matrix - Dark Glass Bubbler - 14mm or 18mm
V2 Globe Matrix - Dark Glass Bubbler - 14mm or 18mm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, V2 mega globe matrix bubbler 14mm or 18mm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, V2 mega globe matrix bubbler 14mm or 18mm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, V2 Globe Matrix - Dark Glass Bubbler - 14mm or 18mm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, V2 Globe Matrix - Dark Glass Bubbler - 14mm or 18mm

V2 Globe Matrix - Dark Glass Bubbler - 14mm or 18mm

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The V2 Globe Matrix bubbler in Dark Glass is a high quality, medium to large glass bubbler with a minimalistic design. Contained inside is a matrix percolation head which allows for free flowing inhales and accurate flavour profiles. This style of bubbler has some of the lowest draw resistance we've encountered. Also available in Clear Glass.

Being upgraded, the V2 Globe Matrix bubbler has two intake ports, the top one is 14mm or 18mm (select your option from the menu) and a side port which is 10mm. The dual ports can be used together or one can be plugged with the provided stoppers, leaving you a single port for your setup. The additional port can also be used like a carb hole to clear your bubbler! In addition to the two intake ports it also has a 14mm or 18mm (depending on which version you choose) mouthpiece port with included mouthpiece. 

Stability is a big bonus here too. Due to the large water capacity the Globe Matrix has a low centre of gravity, the main female joint/port  is also mounted centrally to keep most of the weight in the middle. When it does start to tip, unlike with regular bubblers which instantly tip and fall, the Globe Matrix bubbler rocks to the side then back into place, providing it isn't pulled too far.

Compatible with 14mm male glass mouthpieces (one included) and vaporizer hose (included) this is a very versatile bubbler. We have ours set up with coloured Vinyl Hose which fits directly into the 14mm female mouthpiece joint on the 14mm version, however we strongly suggest using an Angled Whip Adapter as this can rotate in the glass joint and come out easily if you accidentally tug it, instead of pulling your bubbler off whatever surface it's on! 

We prefer vinyl over the provided Silicone as it's more flexible, collects less residue and is wider. The included tube is a little thinner, as are the hose adapters and we've found this limits the airflow. With a Vinyl hose and an upgraded adapter instead, it is super free flowing. 


  • One of the easiest to clean
  • Run the hot tap through the top intake hole to heat the bubbler and pull residue off the sides
  • When hot and full of hot water hold the bubbler very tight and shake it. The water will swill around inside pulling off residue. 
  • Rinse and repeat
  • If you still find there is residue you can put a little ISO inside and swill it around, then rinse again with hot water. 


  • 1 x Dark Glass V2 Globe Matrix Bubbler Available with 14mm or 18mm Joints
  • 1 x 14mm or 18mm Male Dimpled Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1 x 14mm  or 18mm Male Angled Hose Adapter
  • 1 x Dark Glass Small Whip Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Length of Silicone Tube
  • 1 x 10mm Dark Glass Stopper for Side Port
  • 1 x Dark Glass 14mm or 18mm Stopper for Top Port

Check out our the v2 Big Rig Stand for Globe bubblers for the ultimate Globe Setup! This is not included in this listing and is shown for illustrative purposes only! 


  • 3-4mm Thick Borosilicate glass
  • FDA approved Silicone Tube (11mm OD, 7mm ID, 2mm Thick) 
  • Approx. 12 x 14cm bubbler
  • Dark Glass
  • For the partially sighted - you can fill this with between 300-500ml

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Works great

    Can definitely recommend. The built in carb port is very nice to have but my favourite part thought is the 18mm mouthpiece which really opens up the airflow. It’s also really easy to clean.


    I love using this with my Tinymight2! Super easy to clean, amazing vapour and makes inhaling nice and smooth. Plus it looks pretty! Thank you so much :)

    Robert Shymon
    Best bang for the buck, really, I did my research

    Let us start with a story:

    Got my Mighty+ for Christmas, hands started itching for acquisition of a crown jewel for my setup by January.

    So on 10th January I ordered this beauty, and bunch of other accessories (especially the steel rig for protection/stability is necessary, if you do not like to live dangerously)... and that is when the journey began:

    Journey is a euphemysm, actually, because Odyssey pales in comparison to the mileage this bad boy underwent.

    Of course I was checking the Royal Mail Service tracking service, like 3 times a day. On 16th January, to my absolute shock, the package is in New Zealand (for reference, I am from central Europe).

    Therefore, what I thought was going to be a quick shuffle across the Channel, five days tops, turned into a voyage that gives my personal bubbler the nickname "Voyager", as it crossed not one sea, not one ocean, not two oceans, but THREE oceans, before it finally reached my longing arms, on the exact day of my birthday.

    Anyway, if you want the best, for affordable price, this is it. The difference (in quality of your time doing what you like) this device produces, cannot be put into words, let alone money.

    I'm pleased the Odyssean epic ended with the kit actually arriving to you and you're enjoying the kit... I'm not sure what Royal Mail were thinking when they put your box on a plane to the southern hemisphere, hopefully that never happens again! Nice to know that the packaging held up and it all made it in one piece! That's fortuitous it arrived on your birthday (Happy Birthday by the way!). Thanks for the review

    Fox B.
    Love this guy!

    Bought as a replacement for another bubbler that I was very heartbroken to have smashed but I couldn't be happier with the replacement. It's very stable especially with water inside, I tend to use the mouthpiece alone and the whip when vaping in a group, and the double intake is pretty fun being able to connect two mightys at a time!

    Make sure you use the 10% off code if your ordering globe and cage!

    I saw it as soon as I had paid for them. 🙈😂