Hubble Bubble - 14mm Hydrotube Bubbler – Recommended Vape Supplies
Hubble Bubble Water Tool Bubbler
Hubble Bubble bubbl;er hydrotube by RecVapeS
Hubble Bubble Hydrotube bubbler by RecVapeS - Side view
Hubble Bubble Hydratube Bubbler water fill level
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Hubble Bubble bubbl;er hydrotube by RecVapeS
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Hubble Bubble Hydrotube bubbler by RecVapeS - Side view
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Hubble Bubble Hydratube Bubbler water fill level

Hubble Bubble - 14mm Hydrotube Bubbler

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The Hubble Bubble - Your view to space! 

The Hubble Bubble is our very own 14mm female joint hydrotube bubbler, compatible with any 14mm male joint, designed to be highly functional and portable. It provides a good level of vapor conditioning in a small package with a lot of airflow!  

Available with an optional (now upgraded) stand which makes an excellent solution for safely storing your Hubble Bubble when not in use.  

The key features we designed into this bubbler are as follows:

  • Good vapour conditioning 
  • Small portable size 
  • Only 12.5cm / 5" tall - Approx. 40mm Wide (Sticky Brick compatible were told, check dimensions!) 
  • 20-30ml Capacity
  • Unrestricted airflow 
  • Feedback resistant design 
  • Angled mouthpiece for comfort and to avoid neck strain
  • Spill resistant (doesn't immediately empty entire contents when knocked over)
  • Small portable size 
  • Low centre of gravity (water in the bottom)
  • 14mm female glass joint


Fill from the top, max water level shown in image

  • Optimal fill level will depend on the Atomizer used and draw strength (how fast you pull air through it). 
  • A simple guide - if the residue is collecting in the bottom section of the bubbler add a little more water, it should only collect in the top section.
  • If it's bubbling into your mouth, decrease the level slightly! 


  • Fill from the top with hot water. Shake hard upside down with thumb over mouthpiece, then pour out the top. Doing this repeatedly with hot water should loosen most or all residue on the glass. Pour it out the mouthpiece end. 
  • If you've manage to get most out but there's still a bit trapped hold the bubbler upside down underneath the hot tap so it fills from the bottom and pushed any trapped residue out the mouthpiece.
  • Always pour out the mouthpiece, do not try to flush from the top or you will have a build up in the bottom where it is much harder to remove! 
  • If you want it spotless now is the time to pour in a little cleaning solvent (e.g. ISO) into the bottom, swill and shake it around then pour out the mouthpiece. 
  • Rinse repeatedly with warm/hot water to remove any solvent. 


  • 1 x Hubble Bubble Hydrotube
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 3mm Thick Glass
  • Optional Stand (upgraded, now with a thicker base!)

The Hubble Bubble has now been copied (an accolade I guess!) but these copies may not perform as the original does, they have been named "The Dagger". 


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Lovely compact bubbler for the V5, just make sure you use a suitable tip for connection

High Quality!

Very high quality and built to last. Works really well too! Bought mine from Divine Tribe and really enjoy it! bought it a year ago and it is still just as good as the day I bought it!

Terry Lloyd
Hubble Bubble Water Tool

Bought this for my DiVinci IQ2 used 10mm female to 14mm male fitting and its amazing.Previously had a DeVinci branded bubbler @ £60 and this is way better and at its half the price .This is the best bubbler Ive had for the my IQ2.
Thank you to Matt for an awesome service look forward to dealing with you again.
Best Wishes

Great lil bubbler

Matched up with my IQ2 and a 12% '' glass adaptor this is the pups nuts

Very delicate!

I’ve now bought 3 of these as they are really really delicate. Dropped about 10 inches to the carpet and smashed, twice - my mistake.

Good quality but very very delicate so be careful!x