E-nail Coils – Recommended Vape Supplies
16mm e-nail - 220V 150W
20mm e-nail - 150W - 220V
25mm axial e-nail - 150W - 220V
30mm axial e-nail - 150W - 220V
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 16mm e-nail - 220V 150W
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 20mm e-nail - 150W - 220V
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 25mm axial e-nail - 150W - 220V
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 30mm axial e-nail - 150W - 220V

E-nail Coils

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Available in this listing are the full range of e-nail coil options compatible with Crossing PIDs. These also have confirmed compatibility with CH, Auber, Disorderly Conduction (DC) and 710 PIDs.

Please select your desired options from the selection menu.  


E-nail Options - 220V Only - 150W

  • 16mm - Round e-nail 
  • 20mm - Round e-nail - Qaroma, Taroma/2, Ceroma
  • 25mm - Axial E-nail - 25mm OD Bangers
  • 30mm - Axial E-nail - 30mm OD Bangers
  • 30mm - Round E-nail - Qaroma XL / Taroma XL


    Warranty and Certifications

    • CE certified
    • ROHS certified materials
    • 6 Month Warranty on heater coils
    • Warranty covers manufacture defects only, not wear and tear, damage or modified coils.


    Please note

    • Never mix coils and controllers as they often have different pin-out layouts. Always stick to compatible kit from the same manufacturer to avoid damage to your coil or controller. Check the last image to see if yours is compatible. This is sourced from reddit and may not be up to date.
    • PID controllers come to us bubble wrapped, as such they will be sent out... you guessed it. Bubble wrapped! 
    • Coils do not come with PID controllers, these need to be purchased separately. 
    • It is best to avoid switching your setups on and off multiple times a day, heat/cooling cycles cause thermal stress which is the main cause of premature coil death. To prolong their lifespan switch them on and off once a day if possible. 
    • Pin 1 is AC live line, pin 2 is AC zero line, pin 3 is temp positive, then 4 is temp negative and pin 5 is ground



    These setups have exposed heater coils which get very hot and are for DIY setups. Do not touch the coil or quartz glass during use, always allow time for it to cool before handling and never leave it unattended while on. The user accepts all responsibility and associated liability for ensuring these products are used safely and are undamaged and in working order. 


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Top item, top service

      The coil itself is great quality and is working really well. Service from RVS was excellent (including some great sale discounts) and items delivered next day.

      Duncan Mitchelson

      Excellent product and service . Highly recommend the E-nail coil and "Recommended Vape Supplies" who give a very speedy and secure delivery



      Mr L Hardwick
      Best and smallest PID necessary for any Ball Vapes.

      Seriously powerful for a tiny box of it's size, this is left on 24/7-12/7 (depending if I forget to turn it off or not) and I have 2 (one came with a Cable and jumps in 5f increments - this spare box alone is the updated and does up/down temp in 1f increments rather than 5f.

      Workhorses, have two, on all day, love them and would buy again. Many thanks to Matt for advice/help/notifying me when they came back into stock. 💚

      Mr L Hardwick
      Proper good little PID

      I had my reservations at first with them being "Micro" it gives a sense of lacking power or durability (just in the name) but rest assured, I found the PID to work just as any other I have tried and heat up time is fast. l am using them (Both) on for around 16h a day roughly (one of each - the 5F increment module from the kit and the upgraded more accurate model @1F increments as is being reviewed thought he same applies to both, Heats up my Qaroma XL with 350 3mm Rubies (all it needed) and to a temp where its not still heat soaking - you're working on all cylinders and it takes I'd say less than 12 mins. 10 mins I take a hit.....occasionally it can if the room or ambient temp is cold, take a bit longer for the heat to reach the center balls and make them as hot as the coil to ensure an even cook and extraction so i leave it for 12 mins, in the summer i expect 8-10 mins and the (XL remember) will be ready to go. Its an easy to use, cool looking (Unlike the C.B Radio transmitter types ;) most China E-nail makers sling, this has a nicer interface and LED on the top not front saving bending down to view. Its also larger than any LCD Temp screen I've seen. To be honest - with it at £55 I cant see a reason for people to buy another type of PID except visual/aesthetics/a desire for more consistent and perhaps "sturdier build" though I reckon you could chuck this Micro PID off a double decker bus and I'd put money down it'll still work. Certainly a HARDY it is, for a cheap or "inexpensive" and fancy looking PID, look no further... Also small, long enough cables both ends to completely hide it from view if you want/need/would like to which I do. Well handy Cheers Matt!