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Divine Crossing Replacement Quartz Crucible Bucket/Cup for DC V4 Crucible.

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This is the replacement quartz crucible without the coil setup for the Divine Crossing V4 Crucible Atomizer. They have a high polish finish making them easy to keep clean and can be blowtorched and wiped, removing any burned on material. 

In the pack

1 x Quartz Crucible Bucket/Cup for DC V4 Crucible

Customer Reviews

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Hussein El-Ahmar
Danger use with caution

This the second one I buy and the second one to break and shatter when removing the top off my atomizer. unfortunately the small shards of glass got stuck to the top part of my vape, i replaced the coil and as I was taking a hit the glass from the broken one fell into the atomizer causing me to inhale the glass and subsequently throwing up blood. This just happened and I’m still monitor in my condition closely. The original glass coil didn’t shatter the one that came with my divine. The one I bought from here breaks when is too hot. Not happy at all I inhaled glass fibers and coughed up blood

Sorry to hear you're having trouble, if you're coughing or throwing up blood it would be wise to visit a doctor and I wish you a speedy recovery however these are genuine products and being made from glass which can be damaged.. Being made from quartz glass, if you don't take care to remove the cap they can break if knocked. If you break glass in your atomizer it's a good idea to clean the atomizer to remove any pieces of broken glass, not to continue vaping with the broken glass inside. These parts are identical to the originals and are from the same manufacturer, all of these can be broken if physical force such as damage from the cap is taken. Breakage is more likely in this way when the cap has been used for a time and there is residue built up inside as more force is required to remove it, making it more likely to knock the glass cup. This has nothing to do with them getting hot, as you said, it broke while removing the cap of the atomizer. When replacing a cup it is important to ensure it has been seated properly in the same way as the original and is not off angle as this will make damage more likely. I I would reiterate on the point that if you break glass inside an atomizer it is important to clean the atomizer after, not continue use with a different heater/cup.

Alex England

All around the best bowl for this particular mouthpiece that I have found compared to the titanium or anything else it imparts 0 flavour or affects the taste in anyway plus due to the properties of glass it provides for a much smoother smoking experience which is a results probably the bowl more gradually cooling and heating rather than rapidly in one spot

However you do need to be extremely careful with these because taking the cap off an angle means it's broken, you hit your suit pocket on a shelf it's broken, you try and jamming the linchpin I'm guessing it's also going to break I haven't done this one quite yet

Put it this way I broken probably out of these and keep buying them so there's a reason I'm doing that and it's because they're pretty good and believe me I don't spend the money on anything if I can help it

I would definitely recommend with anything you put in the mod!
Remember you need an induction heater and the little clip first before you can install if you can't just jam it on


Nearly done