"Clear Ruby" - 4mm or 5mm Corundum Balls 50 or 100 – Recommended Vape Supplies
5mm clear corundum balls x 100
4mm clear corundum balls x 100
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 5mm clear corundum balls x 100
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 4mm clear corundum balls x 100

"Clear Ruby" - 4mm or 5mm Corundum Balls 50 or 100

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We've had a lot of enquiries asking if we have clear balls with the same thermal properties as our Ruby terp balls, but bigger, so we went on a hunt and found exactly that. 

Available in 4mm or 5mm clear corundum - approximately 100 or 50 pieces per bag. Please note these are split up by weight so these numbers are not exact. 

Corundum is the material which lab grown Ruby and Sapphire are made from, the only difference between these and Ruby or Sapphire (or any coloured corundum) is a pigment chemical that's added before smelting to provide the colour. These have not had pigment added so are completely clear. 

Also available are packs of Ruby balls.

We do not recommend 5mm balls for 20mm Coil Driven setups (e.g Qaroma), 4mm is the max size for these. 


  • 4mm Clear Corundum balls (approx. 13 grams per 100 balls) ... or...
  • 5mm Clear Corundum Balls (approx. 27.6 grams per 100 balls) 
  • Suitable for use as Terp Pearls/Balls

Do not overfill your heater housing. Hot balls can be dangerous if mishandled, users accept all responsibility and associated risk from such modifications, these should only be done with care by experienced users. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michael Herbert

Exactly what I needed, as always fantastic customer service

Mark B
Well made at a good price

Great service as always

Balls balls balls

Great to use in place of rubies especially in heads in which you won't see them

as expected

sound you know, used mine in a ceroma head.

Aaron G
Crystal clear

Great quality balls at a good price, work very well. Excellent service.