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Buddy - HDT - Heated Dab Tool Tip
Buddy - HDT - Heated Dab Tool tip
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Buddy HDT - Heated Dab Tool - Replacement Tip

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On the way to us now! 

Replacement Heated Dab Tool Tips for the Buddy HDT. 

The Buddy HDT (Heated Dab Tool) is a high quality heated ceramic dab tool with extended reach for getting into the corners of small pots. Included in the Buddy HDT kit is a built in silicone lined storage pot with replaceable silicone insert for convenient dabs on the go and three power settings for maximum performance or terpene preservation.

Another little bonus of the Buddy HDT is that it uses the Coil King AIO battery and is fully compatible with all the Coil King parts. So if you have a coil king you can even just grab the Buddy HDT Replacement Tip, then swap the parts around when you go out and need the Coil King again! 

And yes, before you ask, we did request, then help to design and test the Buddy HDT! 



  • Ceramic Heated Dab Tool (HDT) 
  • Protective Cap for HDT 
  • Coil King AIO Compatible
  • CE and ROHS certified


Please Note

These dab tools are designed to cut and drop. With this in mind always heat your tool and use it to cut, then lift the concentrate, before heating again to drop it. Pulling concentrates apart, especially sideways on, is likely to damage the tip and cause premature failure. Pressure should not be required for use, if it is, heat it a bit more first!

Caution: The tip gets very hot, do not touch it during or soon after use, until it has cooled

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great tool for those sticky situations.

Does the Job

I can say for the price it makes your AIO an all around you could literally hold your coil and use the buddy to apply..

The only issue ive had was not really an issue

Hey thanks for the review.. please let me know if I can help with the non-issue issue! -Matt

At last

Matt has done it again. Sourcing hard to find tools to make our lives even easier!

My most used tool in my collection. Compatible with the 3grams melt tool.

These are reasonable robust if you don't force sticky concentrate. Use a bit of heat to avoid bending the tip.

Once you use one you will never look back.