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Angus Enhanced by YllVape
Angus Enhanced by YllVape
Angus Enhanced by YllVape
Angus Enhanced by YllVape
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Angus Enhanced by YllVape

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The Angus Enhanced Dry Herb Vape is a device that really punches above it's weight (if weight classes are based on price brackets!), it's a fully fledged portable dry herb vape that provides serious performance and top quality flavour. It also comes in an insanely well thought out and complete kit, full of useful parts to further elevate the experience. Like the original Angus, the Angus Enhanced is a convection heavy hybrid vaporizer that provides exceptional flavour and doesn't require stirring. 

Building on the platform and feedback from the original Angus and Angus Rubies, the Enhanced takes the vaping experience one step further with a setup that's easier to clean and maintain, provides more airflow (which is adjustable if you'd like less airflow) and easy customization with all the included parts. All the parts are high quality and fit together really nicely. Making use of an PPSU plastic body, the Enhanced stays cooler during use than the original and it has side loadable batteries which are easier to remove and replace. The only real potential downside of this unit over the original Angus (Rubies) is that it's a little larger and the mouthpieces don't fold away, which means you need larger pockets or to transport it around inside the provided carry case. It is however lighter weight than the original due to the PPSU plastic build. 

Instead of a using a PEEK cooling unit with a glass mouthpiece, the Angus Enhanced has glass mouthpiece stems in various sizes which plug into the area directly above the chamber, these stems are pretty much the only thing on the unit which needs regular cleaning. They can be easily removed, soaked in ISO, dried and replaced! The stems can be filled with ruby or glass balls (not included) for additional cooling, then plugged up with the provided screen carriers, allowing you to customize your preferred level of cooling. If filling the stems with balls we wouldn't use anything smaller than 4mm as this will restrict the airflow, 6mm is the maximum suggested ball size. We have a range of glass and ruby balls available on our website for you to choose from. 

Each glass stem comes with it's own resealable pot so that they can be transported without wafting smells around, the unit itself also comes with a silicone plug that covers the main chamber area, when this is in place and the airflow adjuster on the bottom of the unit is closed fully, you have a well sealed up smell resistant portable that makes carrying it around when not in use about as stealthy as it gets! There is also an included 14mm WPA Stem. 

For minimal down-time the Angus Enhanced makes use of pass through charging, this means it can be plugged in and vaped while it's charging. Always ensure there is some charge in the batteries when doing this as pass through charging doesn't work from flat. The unit has 2amp charging meaning it can charge from completely flat within 3 hours when using dual 2800mah batteries (not included), this charge time will be extended if it's plugged in and you're vaping while it's charging. 

Even the Dosing Capsules (not included) for the Angus Enhanced have been, well, enhanced! Instead of full metal capsules, the Enhanced makes use of glass capsules with lazer cut metal caps, these provide even better flavour from the unit than loading it natively but do reduce the herb capacity slightly. 

Overall this is a hell of a kit which is more complete than any portable vaporizer we've previously come across. The unit quality is brilliant, the vapor production and flavour are top notch and this has become one of our most used portables.


Whats in the box

  • 1 x Angus Enhanced Device
  • 1 x Side Bubbler
  • 3 x Different length of glass stems
  • 1 x Loading Funnel
  • 1 x Silicone Chamber Plug
  • 1 x 3 in 1 Male Glass Water Pipe Adapter (10mm, 14.4mm + 18mm)
  • 5 x Filter screens
  • 2 x Silicone O Rings
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush (can be used to remove or adjust Screen Carrier Set) 
  • 1 x Screen Carrier Set (installed in shortest stem)
  • 1 x User manual Card
  • 1 x USB C cable
  • 1 x Side Bubbler
  • 1 x Carry Case


Dimensions and Weight

  • Approx 260 grams with batteries and short stem installed
  • Approx. 84mm Wide, 124mm Tall and 40mm Deep



  • 100W halogen bulb serves as the heating element.
  • Ruby balls are utilized for preserving and distributing heat.
  • Easy battery replacement from the sides.
  • Adjustable airflow from the bottom.
  • Five temperature settings:
    • 180°C (356°F)
    • 190°C (375°F)
    • 200°C (395°F)
    • 210°C (410°F)
    • 220°C (428°F)
  • Pass Through Charging
  • 2 Amp Charging
  • 0.3g Max. Capacity 
  • 60 Second Heat Time (to highest temperature - this may be a little longer in cold environments) 
  • Approx. 6 sessions from a full charge (using 2800mah batteries)
  • Approx. 3 hour charge time from flat
  • CE and ROHS Certified
  • Temperature settings can be updated using the program updating tool.(Temperature settings files and guide steps for download are available on the website Note: This function is undergoing testing). To set up custom temperatures you will need a Windows based computer to plug it into, we would advise leaving the temp. settings as they come unless you're competent as adjusting the settings outside of the suggested parameters can damage the unit and will void the warranty. Please follow the guide provided and the YouTube Video linked here if you're interested in doing this. This requires a specific USB updater cabel which will be coming soon. 
  • The screen filter is designed to be height-adjustable within the glass stem, providing ample space for loading glass balls to enhance the cooling process.

Angus Enhanced User Guide


Safety Features

  • Reverse Battery (Polarity) Protection
  • Over-Charge/Discharge Protection
  • Low Current Protection
  • ROHS Certified Materials
  • CE Certified
  • PCB Over-Temperature Protection
  • Balance Charge Protection 
  • Temperature Control Protection
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Defects 


Additional/Spare Parts


Random notes

  • We suggest a medium grind for your herb to allow for good airflow
  • To microdose, just add a little less in, the convection element will take care of the rest
  • Don't over-fill the herb chamber
  • Only gently tamp, tamping too hard will compact the material and reduce airflow which will negatively effect vapor production
  • Hold the main body of the unit, not the battery covers when disassembling the mouthpiece parts, such as removing a mouthpiece stem
  • If using the PortAVB as a debowler, unscrew the top ring with the magnets, attach this to the inside of the lid, then use the lid to screw/unscrew the PortAVB up
  • While the main body is made from PPSU, the internal air path is PEEK which is a high quality, highly temperature resistant material used in the inside of many vaporizers 
  • PPSU plastic is a high quality plastic material used in medical equipment 
  • Please note that we can only ship this with batteries, within the UK. For intentional orders you will need to purchase batteries locally


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Aaron G
Enhanced Excellence

This reincarnation of the Angus is a great improvement on the OG Angus, the airflow is a lot better and the vapour is even better quality than its predecessor. The Simple glass mouthpiece cools well with the addition of a few glass balls and gives a much nicer experience than the cooling unit on the old Angus. The accessories that are included in the kit (the bubbler works quite well) make this vape Excellent value especially at the Price RecVapes are charging. Customer service was brilliant as always. delivery was next day (and Matt even threw in a pack of cooling beads as I had forgotten to order any, Thank you🙂)I had a couple of queries which were answered quickly.A great item at a great price from an excellent store.