45 degree Glass Drop Down Adapter 14mm Male to Female – Recommended Vape Supplies
45 degree angle drop down adapter 14mm male to 14mm female joint.

45 degree Glass Drop Down Adapter 14mm Male to Female

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Drop downs, also known as reclaim catchers or ash catchers are use to adapt your glassware, allowing bangers and other upright pieces to be kept flat and in their correct orientation when used with glassware that has a 45 degree angled joint. 

These 45 degree drop downs have a 14mm male joint at one end which fits into all standard 14mm female glass joints, commonly found on old style bongs and rigs. The other end has a 14mm female joint allowing connections with any standard 14mm male glassware such as most bangers and bottomless bangers. They are also handy for use with the e-nail powered Elev8r Rig Vehicle range, in this case they can be used to significantly reduce the amount of plant material that ends up in your water tool, keeping your bubbler cleaner for longer. 

  • Made from Borosilicate glass
  • 14mm male to 14mm female adapter
  • 45 degree angle to 90 degree angle
  • Approx. 10x10cm total size. 

Customer Reviews

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Zoe Dockerty
Glass 14mm drop down

Fast shipping supherb quality product and the 🍓 refresher with both orders was a lovely surprise😋

Works as you'd expect it to

Bangin bitta glass 4 a smoke wit da homies


45 degree Glass Drop Down