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Covid 19 Info

Covid-19 Update

There are national and international shipping delays, please be patient and work with us if needed, we will ensure you either receive your goods or your money back in full.

Otherwise it is business mostly as usual with all orders being fulfilled in the regular timeframe. 

The WHO and Public health England have declared that mail does not pose a significant risk. We are storing all our stock for an extra three days before unpacking for dispatch. If you are concerned it is advised to wash your hands after receiving, opening mail and discarding the outer packaging - as, if it is present on the package it will be on the outside and picked up during transit through Royal Mail. The likelihood of this is low but this is the precautionary measure which has been advised. 

Due to previous experience working in high risk environments with high levels of exposure to zoonotic and other transmissibles, we have experience in taking precautions to avoid the spread of disease. All stock is stored for three days  and packed in a separate room which is only entered by symptom free individuals wearing full filter face masks and replaceable gloves which which are donned with care taken to avoid touching the outsides (of the gloves or mask).