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Lotus - By Vapman
Olive Wood Lotus Cap
Lotus by Vapman Kit
Lotus WPA
Lotus WPA
Lotus concentrate pad
Vapman Jet Lighter
Lotus Cap Case
Lotus WPA Case
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Lotus - By Vapman

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The Lotus by Vapman is the big brother of the original Vapman. This is a torch heated convection (hot air, not hot surface) vaporizer which provides some of the best flavour we've come across and the best bit, it works just as well with herb as it does with dabs! The Lotus can be used on the go when paired up with a glass J-hook Pipe (14mm) or placed into a 14mm water tool/bubbler and used as a desktop setup. 

Like most torch heated setups there is a small learning curve in terms of the heating method and times, but it's very simple to learn and well worth this minimal effort this takes. The best way to use the Lotus is by heating the central plate only with a small single flame torch lighter, we suggest using the Vapman Jet Lighter. We will link the Lotus how to enjoy page here and put simple advice below, follow these points and it's hard to go wrong!

  • Use a small single torch lighter, we suggest sticking to the Vapman Jet Lighter if you're unsure on which lighter to use or if yours has a larger flame
  • Load your ground herb into the chamber
  • Replace the Lotus cap
  • Heat the central plate of the Lotus and only the central plate for around 10-12 seconds
  • Keep the torch moving around the plate in a spiral motion, in, then out, so that you don't overheat one part of the plate, never hold the torch flame still in one spot
  • After heating, start your inhalation to vaporize the material inside
  • Once you get the knack of this it's possible to continue heating for a bit as you inhale for those super roasty toasty hits, if that's your thing! 
  • When you stop inhaling the material inside will stop vaporizing due to the convection heavy design
  • When you're finished vaping, remove the Lotus cap and use the attached debowler to empty the contents
  • Reload and repeat as desired!

If you'd like to use your Lotus with dabs, simply install the concentrate pad into the chamber, pop a little dab on top, then follow the above heating instructions! The concentrate pad can also be used with high grade hashes which don't contain particulate matter (bits). As with all concentrate pads these have a limited lifespan and will eventually need replacing, however their lifespan can be extended by soaking in ISO overnight, rinsing them thoroughly with hot water, then leaving them to dry. When they're dry you can torch heat them for good measure, just to ensure that any ISO or water trapped inside is burned out. 

That's it! A truly brilliant little handmade artisanal vaporizer! 


Lotus (Only) Contains

  • 1 x Lotus Cap (Handmade in Italy from Olive Wood) (with case)
  • 1 x 14mm Lotus WPA (Titanium) (with case)
  • 1 x Instruction Manual (not pictured here)

Lotus Full Kit contains

  • 1 x Lotus Cap (Handmade in Italy from Olive Wood) (with case)
  • 1 x 14mm Lotus WPA (Titanium) (with case)
  • 1 x Lotus Concentrate Pad (Stainless Steel
  • 1 x Vapman Jet Lighter (with bag)
  • 1 x Instruction Manual (not pictured here)


Lotus Parts



  • While it's warm you can use a Q-tip to remove any residues from in the chamber and inside the Lotus WPA
  • For a full clean allow to fully cool
  • Remove the Lotus Cap
  • Soak the Lotus WPA and Glass J-hook Glass you're using in cleaning solution
  • The Super Soaker by Elev8 is a great container for safely soaking these parts while retaining the ability to re-use your cleaning solution after by decanting it back into the bottle without a mess! 
  • After soaking, remove from your cleaning solution, rinse with warm water and leave to dry! 


Please note there is no mouthpiece/stem currently available from Vapman for use without glassware but this should be coming later in the year.

Also... please note that some of the Lotus and Lotus WPA cases have dark marks or residues on them, as received from Vapman. We wanted to point this out now as it will certainly be noticed by customers too! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great vape l

I’ve had the Lotus for a week or so now and so far so so good!

I’m from the vape enthusiast school where I just prefer the ‘manual’ experience over a battery powered, big hitter and this delivers on all counts that I find important: the flavour is great - clean, pure and lasts throughout the session. I have the WPA but water does dim the taste slightly I suggest you get the J hook when you purchase and live out your shamanic fantasy! It looks cool and feels somehow spiritual and organic. It’s hard to explain - but the ritual is just more enjoyable to me than a battery powered experience (I do have an Angus though and that’s great for different reasons!)

This vape is simple in principle, but does have a bit of a learning curve - seriously though, it takes about 3 tries to get to grips with it and then you can just tailor your whole experience like a pro. I would imagine you can combust in this fairly easily if you overdo it or use the wrong (too big) torch. -but I’m sure you will know as you heat / inhale and they provide the recommended torch when you buy it (and it’s great btw)

Of course, I didn’t read the manual before first use and scorched the steel plate by doing a stationary heat (rather than heating in circles) but no biggy - I’ll get another plate for 6 quid at some point.

The design of this is great - love the wood / steel combo and it’s clearly made by someone who cares - built in stir tool and a handle for removing from water tool are all welcome additions. This is like the big bro of Vapmans other excellent vape (you know the one! ) but this has a bigger chamber and you can just enjoy at your leisure for as long as you need. it doesn’t just cook away in the background - you have to heat / inhale to activate.

At this price you can’t really go wrong - a pure convection vape that tastes and looks great. The older version of this used to come with a stem, but pick up the J hook and you are all set.

It’s a great vape! Enjoy.