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OG Frank XXL herb grinder 10cm
XXL Herb Grinder - OG Frank
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XXL Herb Grinder - Big Frank Grinder (B.F.G) - 10cm Diameter

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Introducing the Big Frank Grinder (B.F.G a great way to avoid repeatedly grinding herb! 

The Big Frank Grinder has a 10cm diameter and provides an excellent grind, we think it's a great solution for people who get through lots of herb or would rather grind a load then leave it in the grinder/storage for when it's needed. The BFG has a 0.5-4g capacity, is made from aviation grade CNC machined Aluminum with extra sharp Diamond-S shape teeth. 

To break it down in more specific terms...

  • The Big Frank Grinder has a 9.3cm grinding area diameter and approximately 67cm grinding area, which is around three times more than the regular large 62mm Grinders! This grinder is suitable for around 0.5 - 4g max. 
  • 62mm Grinders have approximately 22cm area - 5.2cm grinding diameter maximum capacity 1.5g. 
  • 36mm Grinders have approximately a 8cm area - 3.2cm diameter and a maximum capacity of around 0.6g 

Due to the large size, sharp tooth design and placement the Big Frank Grinder grind up to 4 grams with a coarse, medium or fine grind, without crushing or pulping your material. Simply add herb to the grinder base and replace the lid, turning it as you replace it so that it cuts into the material apart instead of crushing it. The base is the part which slots inside the other part. When filled, after the initial turn to close the grinder, 2 turns should create a course grind of your material, 3 turns a medium grind and 4-5+ for a fine grind. Depending on your material and its humidity level these numbers may vary slightly. 


  • 10cm Wide
  • 67cm Grinding Area (approx.)
  • 0.5-4g Capacity 
  • Low Friction PTFE Ring included 
  • Clog resistant design
  • Self cleaning design 
  • Sharp Diamond-S shape teeth - cut and tear through herb
  • Diamond shape engraved grips 
  • Strong Central Magnet
  • CNC Aluminium - Uncoated - 6063 Aviation/Structural Grade Aluminium

Like most vaping kit it's advisable to clean this product before first use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul Crane
Solid bit of kit

It is what it is, A Big Herb Grinder that I get out for Parties, For day to day use it is a little bit too big but that's ok, made from machined aluminium this will last forever. Don't drop this on your foot it hurts.

Joe Stearns

XXL Herb Grinder - Big Frank Grinder (B.F.G) - 10cm Diameter