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Wismec Sinous P80 Mod in Matte Blue with Arctic Fox Firmware AFF
Wismec Sinous P80 Single Battery Mod Box - Arctic Fox

Wismec Sinous P80 Single Battery Mod Box - Arctic Fox

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Discontinued by Wismec. When they're gone they're gone! We can't restock. 

The Wismec Sinous P80 mod is Wismec's flagship single battery mod box, like the Wismec RX Gen3 Dual Battery Mod we have loaded these with Arctic Fox Firmware, pre-set up (by ourselves) with profiles for the most popular Atomizer setups we stock (listed below). All you need to do on arrival is charge the battery, screw in the atomizer and select the relevant profile! All the temperature control settings have already been inputted. On top of that, two click auto-fire has been enabled, meaning you don't have to hold the button while your coil heats. Double click and the mod will bring the coil up to the set temperature and hold it there until you click again to cancel it. The Wismec P80 is a well made mod with a clear screen and solid control buttons. The fire button is built into main face of the mod so can be pressed easily however you pick it up. 

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We have made a short video showing how to use auto-fire and select the relevant atomizer.

The P80 also has a convenient battery indicating LED on each side, this lights up when the mod is fired and is a handy feature for letting you know your mod is firing and your battery isn't flat! We've made a quick video showing how to turn this off if you'd like a stealthier setup and will link that here ASAP.

Menus - Button combinations

  • Auto-fire - With two clicks of the fire button the mod will automatically heat and maintain the set temperature for up to one minute, this can be cancelled at any time by pressing the fire button once more.
  • Lock Mod - Five clicks of the fire button locks, repeat to unlock. 
  • Lock Temperature Keys - Hold both + and -  keys together for a few seconds. Repeat to unlock. 
  • Atomizer Selection - Three clicks of the fire button takes you into the main menu where you select your atomizer. Find and select by scrolling through the menu with the plus/minus buttons then pressing the fire button when you've found the relevant atomizer/coil/setup. 
  • Adjust Temperature - The temperature can be changed on the main screen with the plus and minus buttons. 
  • Stealth Mode - Hold fire and down button together. Repeat to leave stealth mode. Stealth mode runs the mod with the screen and LEDs turned off. 
  • On Screen Menu - Press fire button 4 times in rapid succession. This is where you can change wattage, lock or unlock coil resistance and change the information on the screen. Cycle through options with a single click of the fire button, adjust with either up or down keys. Hold fire button to leave menu. 
  • Access Advanced Setup Menu - Hold fire and up buttons simultaneously for two seconds. If you are more technically minded Arctic Fox firmware can be customised by the user, with most of the menu options available on the mod, meaning it does not need plugging into a computer to make the majority of changes! Arctic Fox can be set up for any coil or material. 
  • Flip Screen - Lock the mod with five clicks of the power button, after locking hold fire and up button together, this will flip the screen upside down. While locked you can also hold the up and down buttons together to do this. 
  • Display Battery Voltage - Lock mod with five clicks of the power button. After locking the mod hold the fire button and down button together. This will display the battery voltage. 

Materials List - Pre loaded on Mod

Additional Materials TCR, Wattage and Coil Resistance Numbers, more available on request.

  • V4 Crucible SiC Bucket - TCR 398, 35W, 180-260C - 0.478 ohms
  • New Sequoia SiC Bucket - TCR 472, 45W, 180-260C - 0.492 ohms
  • Sai TAF Quartz Bucket - TCR 423, 30w, 200-260C - 0.712 ohms. 
  • DC Gen 2 Dry Herb Vape - TCR 320, 30W, 160-260C - 0.739 ohms. 
  • DC V3.5 Donut coil - TCR 274, 33W, 160-260C - 0.478 ohms
  • DC V3.5 Disc Coil - TCR 367, 33W, 160-260C - 0.492 ohms
  • DT Quartz Quest NE - TCR 270, 50W, 160-260C - 0.253 ohms
  • M22 ESCC (available soon)
  • Renegade X Wire - TCR 34, 14-25W 
  • Custom requests, if we have the coil/material we can check it for you, just ask. We have a lot of stuff lying around. 

In the Box

  • 1 x Wismec Sinous P80 Mod loaded with AFF
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual (largely irrelevant as AFF mod)
  • 1 x  Molicel P26A 2600MAH 18650 Battery (optional)

Mod Specifications

  • Output Wattage - 1-80W
  • Resistance range - 0.05-1.5ohm for TC Modes / 0.1-3.5ohm for VW
  • Temperature range - 100-315°C / 200-600°
  • Dimensions - 125 x 33.5 x 28.5mm.
  • Battery - 1 x 18650 (supplied separately)
  • 2 AMP quick charge
  • Assembled weight exc. packaging (approx.) - 112g

Safety features

  • Balanced Battery Charging
  • Dual Protection Circuit with
  • Over-charge protection,
  • Over-discharge protection,
  • Over-current protection,
  • Short Circuit Protection,
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Battery Failure Vent Holes in Base,
  • Only sold by us with high discharge vape certified Molicel Batteries. 
  • Please only use these mods with high discharge (25a constant) batteries. 

As with all mods it is recommended to use an external battery charger for your batteries. These mods will safely charge your battery but as is often the case; doing so may slightly reduce the lifespan off your batteries. 

Please note that variation in output temperature will occur due to small variations in coil resistance from manufacture. The temperatures are set up to settle a little above the vaping temperature to compensate for the cooling effect from the airflow... so they are not exact. Rate of air flow will also make a difference to the end temperature, so you may want to adjust the temp to your preference on the main screen of the mod box if you find there is too much or too little vapour. The TCR numbers and any other settings can also be adjusted if you choose, we have only locked the coil resistance. If you are not comfortable with doing this but want more or less vapour we'd advise sticking to adjusting the temperature to your liking. 

Extra information on how the TCR numbers are found and calibrated, along with details regarding the inherent issue with calibrating temperatures for coil heated buckets (the temperature difference between the bucket and coil) can be found in our TCR setup blog. 

 Please note we cannot ship batteries outside of the UK. For international customers please order without batteries, we will automatically refund any international battery purchases. 

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