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Wismec RX Gen3 in Gunmetal
Wismec RX Gen3 in Gloss Black
Wismec RX Gen3 in Gunmetal - Base
Molicel P26A 25A High Discharge 18650 Batteries
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Wismec RX Gen3 in Gloss Black
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Wismec RX Gen3 in Gunmetal - Base
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Molicel P26A 25A High Discharge 18650 Batteries

Wismec RX Gen3 Dual Battery Mod - Arctic Fox

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These Wismec RX Gen3 Dual Battery mod boxes have been loaded with Arctic Fox custom firmware which we have set up for use with many of the atomizer setups we sell (listed below). This means you do not have to do anything to set them up, other than selecting the relevant atomizer in the menu and changing the temperature if desired. Please note this mod box requires batteries (available in drop down menu).

Discontinued - we cannot restock these mods. When they're gone, they're gone! 

We chose the Gen3 dual battery version as they've been through multiple versions and ironed out any problems. The buttons are clean and responsive, the screen is bright and clear, the batteries fit more closely than any other mod we've encountered and it's really comfortable to hold and use! The mod itself is very stable so great for use with water tools. The Gen3 is limited to 230W. 

For the vast majority of users all you will need to do if you're running one of the setups pre-loaded (listed below) onto the Wismec RX Gen 3 with AFF is the following:

  • Charge and install batteries
  • Screw in atomizer
  • Select relevant profile from the menu (three clicks on fire button to cycle through the profiles with + and - buttons, select profile with fire button)
  • Load and vape! 
  • Change temperature on screen as desired

Use discount code - "minibundle" when buying any mod and atomizer together for 5% off these products. 

"fullbundlediscount" - 5% off when purchasing any atomizer, water tool and mod box together. 

Menus - Button combinations

  • Auto-fire - With two clicks the mod will automatically heat and maintain the set temperature for up to one minute, this can be cancelled at any time by pressing the fire button once more.
  • Lock Mod - Five clicks of the fire button, repeat to unlock. 
  • Lock Temperature Keys - Hold both keys together for a few seconds. Repeat to unlock. 
  • Atomizer Selection - Three clicks of the fire button takes you into the main menu where you select your atomizer. Find and select by scrolling through the menu with the up/down buttons then pressing the fire button when you've found the relevant atomizer/coil/setup. 
  • Adjust Temperature - The temperature can be changed on the main screen with the up/down buttons. 
  • Stealth Mode - Hold fire and down button together. Repeat to leave stealth mode. Stealth mode runs the mod with the screen turned off. 
  • On Screen Menu - press fire button 4 times in rapid succession. This is where you can change wattage, lock or unlock coil resistance and change the information on the screen. Cycle through options with a single click of the fire button, adjust with either up or down keys. Hold fire button to leave menu. 
  • Access Advanced Setup Menu - Hold fire and up buttons simultaneously for two seconds. If you are more technically minded Arctic Fox firmware can be customised by the user, with most of the menu options available on the mod, meaning it does not need plugging into a computer to make the majority of changes! It can be set up for any coil or material. 
  • Flip Screen - Lock the mod with five clicks of the power button, after locking hold fire and up button together, this will flip the screen upside down. Alternatively while locked you can hold the up and down buttons together to do this. 
  • Display Battery Voltage - Lock mod with five clicks of the power button. After locking the mod hold the fire button and down button together. This will display the battery voltage. 

Setup List - Pre loaded on Mod

Additional Setups - Suggested Settings for this mod 

Please do not go into the back end menu (fire and +) and change mod settings unless you know what you're doing, it is an advanced system with many settings, we have already done the hard part and set the mod up for use. If you need to change the TCR or set up a new profile for any atomizer please follow the instructions in the videos listed above. Never change the clock mode from RTC LIRC and never adjust the LIRC speed in the back end menu. You can set the time and date but otherwise we suggest leaving the clock function alone. Also never activate smart mode as that will try to select profiles for you depending on the coil resistance, this can lead to ending up on the wrong profile accidentally. The full arctic fox manual can be found here if you want to know the ins and out of every function available. 

Disregard the manual included in the box and use the information listed above to access menus, if you have any questions or are unsure of anything please ask us before starting to make changes, we can help explain any the functions if you're unsure about anything. Arctic fox is custom firmware which changes the menus and functionality of the mod, the original manual is irrelevant to the functions, it just states the specifications of the mod (max power etc.). If you are using it for one of the setups listed below as loaded onto the mod, all you will need to do is select the relevant profile (three clicks of the fire button, then cycle through the options and select the relevant setup) and change the temperature to your liking. 

In the Box

  • 1 x RX GEN3 Dual mod
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 x User manual (for regular mod - largely irrelevant)
  • Currently available with Molicel P26A 2600MAH 18650 Batteries (optional)

Mod Specifications

  • Output Wattage - 1-230W
  • Resistance range - 0.05-1.5ohm for TC Modes / 0.1-3.5ohm for VW
  • Temperature range - 100-315°C / 200-600°
  • Dimensions - 73.8mm x 39.8mm x 36.8mm
  • Battery - Molicel P26A 18650 (optional)
  • 2 AMP quick charge
  • Assembled weight exc. packaging (approx.) - 127g
Safety Features
  • Balanced Battery Charging
  • Dual Protection Circuit with
  • Over-charge protection,
  • Over-discharge protection,
  • Over-current protection,
  • Short Circuit Protection,
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Heat Dissipation Vents in Mod to keep batteries cooler while charging
  • Battery Failure Vent Holes in Base
  • Only sold by us with high discharge vape certified Molicel Batteries. 
  • Really well secured batteries, no rattling. Depending which batteries you're using you might even want to take out the plastic spacer film from the mod... We have to do this for use with the Molicel 18650s! 
  • Mod boxes should only be used with high discharge (25amp constant) batteries or ones suitable for your requirements. If you are unsure we advise only using 25A 18650s. 

Please note that variation in output temperature will occur due to small variations in coil resistance from manufacture. The temperatures are set up to settle a little above the vaping temperature to compensate for the cooling effect from the airflow... so they are not exact. Rate of air flow will also make a difference to the end temperature, so you may want to adjust the temp to your preference on the main screen of the mod box if you find there is too much or too little vapour. The TCR numbers and any other settings can also be adjusted if you choose, we have only locked the coil resistance. If you are not comfortable with doing this but want more or less vapour we'd advise sticking to only adjusting the temperature on the main screen. 

More information on how the TCR numbers are found and calibrated, along with an explanation of the inherent issue with calibrating temperatures for coil heated buckets (the temperature difference between the bucket and coil) can be found in our TCR setup blog. 

 Please note we cannot ship this with batteries outside the UK. For international customers please order without batteries, we will automatically refund any international battery purchases. It is not advised to charge batteries inside your box mod, please use an external charger wherever possible. 

If you want to get right into the back end of Arctic Fox Firmware we suggest downloading NFE tools for your computer, available through this link. It is the top build, no. 190703. 

Batteries should always be charged in an external charger. 

These mods use Arctic Fox Firmware which is a custom firmware package with advanced features. Users should have experience vaping and familiarise themselves with the manual if necessary. We are not responsible for the use or misuse of this product, users accept all responsibility and liability for any issues which may arise when purchasing a setup with Arctic Fox as we cannot control user inputs. Please contact us if you have queries, we are always happy to assist. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Rokas Koziura
Absolutely perfect

Works super good and it’s perfect for the job

Mike Gordon
Superb mod box

Excellent form factor, feels solid in the hand and not too big. The Arctic Fox preloaded software was the deciding factor in this purchase. Now I can load up whatever profile I need including my new V5 Micro Diffuser and all the options for the DTV4 and Sai, which is handy because I have all of them. This will replace my unsuitable Aegis Legend. Thanks Matt.

You're very welcome I'm glad you like it! - Matt


Had been using a normal mod box with my SAI for ages and finally decided to upgrade to AF. Makes a huge difference! Came all loaded up ready to go as well


Great mod! Pre installed artic fox, great to just grab and go without worrying about anything and works fantastic with the V5


Nice small mod, makes for a nice compact setup with the DCv5 and hubble bubble very smooth. Came with arctic fox pre-installed with temp configs for the popular atomisers. Setup was simple as screwing in the DCv5, selecting the config then giving it a couple runs to clean.

Great service from RVS - will definitely be recommending to friends