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Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 Mod - Scale photo for reference
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Mod with HVT Sai and Poseidon V2 Water Tool

Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 Mod

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We cannot ship this mod with batteries outside of the UK, please order without batteries if you want to purchase the mod. We are looking into new shipping options. 

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About the Mod

Released in mid 2019 the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 is a solid mod box built to last through a fair amount of punishment. With an IP67 rating it can be submerged in one metre of water for thirty minutes without any damage and is certified as dust proof. Combined with the shock resistant design this really is a mod to be reckoned with. It also has a flat stable base - all these qualities make it an excellent mod for use with atomizers with water tool attachments like the Poseidon V2 and Hydratube!

Despite being 200g without batteries this mod has a surprisingly ergonomic design and the weight is well balanced so it doesn't feel heavy in the hand during use. It is comfortable to hold both ways, whether you're pressing the fire button with your thumb or finger but appears to be designed for firing with the finger. The firing and control buttons have very responsive mechanisms that sounds and functions a lot like an old pc mouse! It reliably fires with no dead spots, working wherever you press the button. The battery cover has six small venting holes and secures firmly with a latch which is held extra securely by the pressure from the silicone seals inside. 

The Wismec Tinker 2 runs on an Avatar chipset providing fast firing times (0.001 seconds) and very stable temperature control. Our mods come with the most recent firmware (v1.05) and are extremely stable so won't need updating for a while but are upgradable if the time comes. Its screen is very clear and easy to read though it is a little dull in bright sunlight. The menu is well laid out and easy to use and the mod also provides excellent vapour if used with a tank.

General Usage Information

Coil resistance (ohms) locking: This is a useful function which locks the resistance of your coil. The purpose of this is to save a specific resistance for which you've calibrated a TCR value or found a preferred temperature control setting. It is useful as the resistance of coils change depending on their temperature and small changes can make a noticeable difference to temp control. These changes can occur when you use multiple atomizers on one mod box and switch them around. If the coil resistance is very similar to before (for example when you've taken off the same atty and put it back on while slightly warm) most mod boxes are programmed to ignore this change and consider it to be the same coil. If the resistance read by the mod is significantly different (more than 0.2 ohms) this mod will ask if you've changed the coil. However if the coil for one of the settings has been removed for a long period of time the mod won't always remember to ask and will act like it's a new coil - this is one of the situations where locking the setting can be especially useful. The Tinker 2 can remember a different locked coil resistance for each TC setting and also one locked resistance for the TCR modes. This is ideal if using one atomizer with the same coil but different buckets or crucibles (e.g. the DC V4 Crucible) with different TCR values set up. If you allow your coils to cool this mod is also great when using different atomizers on the TCR mode as it reliably reads the baseline resistance. One of the advantages of the Wismec Tinker 2 mod in this situation is that it will save the lowest coil resistance it reads. So, if a coil is put on slightly warm but you need to use it, you can lower the temperature on the box slightly to accommodate for the increase in resistance, use the atomizer, then leave it alone to cool down. The mod will re calibrate as the coil cools and save the cold resistance as its new baseline! Previously it was only the high end DNA chipsets that had this function so it's very welcome to see in a mid range mod.

This brings us neatly to the second situation where locking the baseline resistance of a coil is useful. If your box and coil is left overnight in a particularly cold room the resistance will recalibrate to lower than is needed, generally mods assume the baseline resistance was found in a room that's around 20 degrees Celcius. If the room drops to say 5C overnight the temp control on the Tinker 2 will end up being appropriately under temp! If you lock the resistance of the coil at a normal room temperature this recalibration will not be done keeping your temp control nice and stable. I personally lock and use Ti-TC for my Ammit MTL and leave the TCR mode unlocked to switch between the HVT Sai and DC V4 Crucible! Locking coil resistance can also be useful for Titanium or SS wrapped rods if you use these, although in our experience these cool quickly returning to their original resistance (ohms) reading. Also, due to the triple titanium/quartz rod coils having hot spots, the temp control being off by 10 degrees or so overall due to a slightly incorrect baseline resistance reading doesn't make much difference to the overall quality of the vapour. 

Auto cut out timer

A feature worth mentioning is the auto cut off timer, it has the options of 5, 10, 15 seconds or "off". If the mod is set to any of the timed options, when reached, the mod will cut out and lock, needing to be unlocked again with five clicks. If the lock is turned "off" the vape will cut out after ten seconds but will stay on, allowing you to continually re-press the button immediately. This setting is preferable when using atomizers or coils with a longer pre-heat time such as the DC V4 Quartz Crucible setup. 

Using the Wismec Tinker 2 with our Atomizers

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 mod
  • 1 x QC USB cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warning card


  • Resistance range - 0.05-3.5ohm (wattage) / 0.05-1.5ohm
  • TC (Ni, SS, Ti) and TCR m1, m2, m3 mode)
  • Lockable coil resistance
  • Wattage range - 1-200W
  • Voltage range - 0.5-8V
  • Temperature range - 100-315°C/200-600°F in 5 degree incremements
  • Battery compatibility - 2 x 18650 (not included - discount available on batteries when bought with mod)
  • Max charging current 2A
  • Dimensions - 90mm x 53.5mm x 28.5mm
  • Assembled weight exc. packaging (approx.) - 201g
  • ip67 water and dust resistant
  • Shock resistant

 Safety features include

  • Over charge protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Vape cut off timer protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Temperature protection (stops mod overheating)
  • Balanced charging

Customer Reviews

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Great Mod for the V4

Usual stellar service from Matt. Great price and product. 5*'s