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Twiztid Timmy's Juggernaut Radiator Coil Close up
Twiztid Timmy's Juggernaut Radiator Coil
Twiztid Timmy's Fralien V2 Coil
Twiztid Timmy's Fralien V2 Coil - Close up
Twiztid Timmy's Fraple Coil
Twiztid Timmy's Fraple Coil - Close up
Twiztid Timmy's Spaced Juggernaut Coil
Twiztid Timmy's Spaced Juggernaut Coil - Close up
Twiztid Timmy's Tri-core spaced Juggernaut Coil
Twiztid Timmy's Tri-core Spaced Juggernaut Coil - Close up
Twiztid Timmy's 12 Ply Fraple Coil
Twiztid Timmy's 12 Ply Fraple Coil - Close up
Twiztid Timmy's Tri-core juggernaut - squashed coil for TRVP

Twiztid Timmy's TRVP Coils

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We have imported a range of Twiztid Timmy's ss316l Coils for the TRVP atomizers. These wires are made and coiled by Timmy, then sent to Adam the TRVP rep for final adjustment before they're sent on to us! Each pack contains two coils. 

As the coils loosen slightly after production they will need to be placed in the TRVP, clamped down and given final adjustments to ensure they heat evenly. This is done by placing the coil on wattage mode at 20w and heating until one area begins to gently glow. Adjust the coil so it is as even as possible, with the hottest spot in the central coils, or with it heating relatively evenly throughout. These coils (especially juggernauts) can also be unwound and rewound to different dimensions/core sizes or designs if desired. 

These coils should all be used on ss316l temp control with high quality, pure concentrates which leave minimal residue. They all provide super fast heat up (within a second), excellent flavour and a high degree of temperature control. The coils can be cleaned up and used for months. Providing they are used with clean concentrates they can be heated on wattage mode after each load to flash off any un-vaped excess. Set temperature range for vaping is between 160-260C depending input material and preference. 

The general method for loading these coils is to heat them and melt in your concentrate to saturate the coil. This way you avoid reclaim, ensure high levels of efficiency and reliably produce large quantities of vapour without spitting concentrate all over the inside of your atomizer. 

Regular Coil Series - For regular users

  • Juggernaut radiator coils - to be mounted then lifted slightly off the ceramic so they float. Provides excellent flavour, minimal residue/reclaim and preserves andyour material for multiple draws. If you're a low temp terp chaser, these are the coils for you. SS-TC @21Watts 
  • Fralien V2 or Fraple - These coils are very similar and produce warm tasty vapour. The Fralien V2 being a slightly larger producer. The Fraple is very similar to AVS framed staple but with slightly less warm vapour. SS-TC@24Watts
  • Spaced Juggernaut - These are probably the largest vapour producers of the regular series and provide excellent flavour. Being juggernaut wire they also clean up slightly more easily than Fralien or Fraple coils. SS-TC @24Watts

Rig Replacement Series - The really heavy hitters for larger dabs and huge clouds. Too much for some vapers.

  • Tri-core spaced juggernaut - Beasts. Having a huge amount of wire and surface area these can produce huge quantities of vapour. As can be seen in the coil glow image our 3mm quartz rods fit directly inside, helping even heating and providing more surface area for vapourization.  SS-TC @28Watts
  • 12-ply Fraple - Probably the biggest vapour producing coil available pre-made for the TRVP. These are like a hugely beefed up version of the AVS frame staple. They produce huge quantities of dense, warm vapour and a unique flavour profile alongside. SSTC @28Watts
  • Squashed Tri-core Juggernaut - Ideal for the TRVP V3 (That Atty!), high performance squashed tri-core juggernaut wire. Exceptional flavour and performance. Allows for large loads with efficient vaping. Our favourite coil for the V3. SS-TC @28w

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