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TRVP (Trap) V2 Blueprint Rendition - RDA Atomizer by BB Vapes BRVND
TRVP V2 Blueprint Edition Concentrate Atomizer by BB Vapes BRVND - RecVapeS
TRVP V2 with 510 water tool adapter attachment for 14mm and 18mm water tools bubblers
TRVP V2 Blueprint Edition Concentrate Atomizer by BB Vapes BRVND Bottom Inscription- RecVapeS
TRVP (Trap) V2 Blueprint Rendition - RDA Atomizer by BB Vapes BRVND
TRVP V2 Blueprint Edition Concentrate Atomizer by BB Vapes BRVND Mouthpieces - RecVapeS
TRVP V2 Blueprint Edition Concentrate Atomizer by BB Vapes BRVND Example Flat Coil Build from Reddit - RecVapeS
Custom Dynavap heater using TRVP and Vandyvape SS316L mesh.
TRVP Vertical Radiator Coil Build
TRVP Blueprint RDA Horizontal Radiator Coil Build
Dual twisted Platinum wire build
TRVP Double Vertical Loop Example Build
TRVP set up in Sqonk mode on Topside Lite
TRVP with 4mm quartz rod wrapped with 22 gauge Renegade X SS Wire
TRVP with porous ceramic rod wrapped with AVS Oct-core SS wire
Dual flat AVS Oct-core coils, set vertical
Temperature to colour basic comparison chart to avoid overheating coils without use of a thermocouple.
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TRVP (Trap) V2 Blueprint Rendition - RDA Atomizer by BB Vapes BRVND
TRVP Black Top Cap

TRVP (Trap) V2 Blueprint Rendition - RDA Atomizer by BB Vapes BRVND

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The TRVP V2 Blueprint Rendition - is what you make it. Welcome to the TRAP.  Now dispatched with a spare Matt Black Top Airflow Cap as a free gift while stocks last! Straight up, we love this atomizer so much when it was discontinued (V3 came out) we went around buying up the remaining stock to allow us to stock them for as long as possible!

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Twiztid Timmy's SS316L pre-made coil line is now available! 

For use with regulated mod boxes only. Please note this atomizer does not come with coils, they need to be built or purchased separately (coming soon). The TRVP Blueprint is probably the most versatile RDA atomizer in existence. With fully adjustable airflow it's designed to be used with concentrates, as a dripper setup or squonk setup for e-liquid, it can be used with almost any type of mesh, wire or coil you can think up! We've even designed a mesh based dynavap heater with the TRVP as the base (see picture)! With the right wire and build setup these are one of the fastest heating and heaviest vapour producing atomizers we have tried to date, they are also our favourite single coil concentrate rda. Having a high level of temperature control and exceptionally fast heat up and cool down times they can also provide excellent retention of flavour throughout a session... Or they can be setup to gently cook your material producing thin flavourful vapour, whatever floats your boat. These are considered advanced atomizers if you plan to build coils yourself. Always keep you o-rings lubricated with a little o-ring lubricant, applied with your finger tip, to keep them from becoming stuck. 

If you come up with an effective build we'd love a picture and some details to add to the photos for ideas! With careful temperature control and well made coils; many consider the advanced wire builds to provide better flavour than quartz or titanium bucket based alternatives due to their accurate temperature control, wicking ability and huge surface area. Wire builds tend be preferable for use with pure concentrates which leave minimal residue. Producing less residue the wires are easier to keep clean, require less regular cleaning and retain better flavour. 

Being an RDA, the TRVP Blueprint is one of the cheapest atomizers to run, the most expensive wire is around £25 for 15ft, as you need around six inches absolute max, one roll can make a minimum of 30 coils. That works out as just over 83p per coil! Rods or terp balls inserted into coils can be removed and cleaned due to the rebuildable nature with only the porous rods needing to be replaced.

We have advanced wire and vortex mouthpieces from Advanced Vape Supply as well as quartz and porous ceramic rods on the way for custom builds and will compile a list of product links below. We have ordered the wire list by level of vapour production with the wire at the top of the list producing the least, to the wire at the bottom producing the most! Warm your coil and feed it with concentrate, allowing this to soak into the coil and move to the bottom of the dish to avoid spit-back from material as it heats. 

The TRVP V2 collection of products can be found through our side menu in the TRVP V2 collection. Products - BB Vapes BRVND - TRVP V2, or by selecting this text. 

Use code "mmmmwire" for 10% off AVS wires when purchased with a TRVP atomizer. 

Bonus features:

Key build points:

  • Unscrew one screw completely from each side and loosen the other, place one end of the coil to be clamped under the clamp bar right up next to the screw that's still in place and tighten slightly so the coil doesn't move. Replace the removed screw from the same side, tighten gently, then fully tighten the first screw before fully tightening second. Repeat on the other side. We've found this to be the quickest and most accurate way to place coils in the TRVP.  
  • Temperature controlled wires either require space between coils or to be crushed providing even internal electrical connections. Regular/even spacing between these coils, the central coils should be hottest. They can be gently heated on wattage mode until hot spots start to appear, then adjusted to remove them.
  • Seating your coil so it floats just above the ceramic will generally provide slightly better flavour for longer as it allows heavier parts of the concentrate (such as plant fats) to drip away from the coil when using rosin. These setups are also easier to wick clean in the way described below (cleaning section). Flat and radiator coils should always be left floating slightly to avoid the bottom coils being cooled. You want them as close to dish as possible to allow for larger dabs to be fully vapourised. 
  • With very fast heat up times material can spit, if this is happening turn down your wattage so the coil heats more gently.
  • If the airflow holes align with the length of the coil and insert the atomizer will produce more vapour than if the air is being drawn across from the sides. When using Advanced Vape Supply Vortex mouthpiece placement of airflow holes makes less difference but does still affect vapour production. The Vortex can be used with a single o-ring to form a seal for use with a 14mm water tool or 14mm converter. 
  • Flat coils can be wound around the Clamp bar of the TRVP then placed in the half moon dish or further squashed with pliers (our preferred method), always leaving a gap through the middle and between coils for use with temperature control, unless you are making a crushed coil. It is possible to wrap coils around a 2.5mm diameter core and flatten them but it is harder to achieve the same result. 
  • Place coils upside down so both legs are pointing straight up, then bend them at a right angle so they can be clamped. With regular coils this allows them to fill the base of half moon ceramic insert more fully improving efficiency.  


To preserve the flavour with multi-wire coils (juggernaut, oct-core etc) we suggest setting the temperature to 180-200C (wire and mod dependent, some we wick at 230C), turning the atty on its side, heating the coil and wicking the excess away from on end of the ceramic dish with tissue or a cotton bud. To help material move to the bottom end you can gently blow down the coil towards your wicking material, some people also ise a gentle flicking motion to help it travel toward the tissue. After this is done and no more material is wicking into the paper, heat the coil and blow on it remove extra residue. This way avoids contact with the coil and reduces the likelihood it will need to be adjusted after. 

Another method is turning the atty upside down and gently holding folded kitchen roll against the coil and half moon ceramic insert. This will allow excess oils to wick into the tissue. When these have wicked up, heat and gently blow on the coil, this should vapourize off extra oils that may taint the flavour of the next load. Only use high quality kitchen roll as you do not want paper particles becoming stuck to the wire. 

Coils can be removed, soaked in solvent (ISO etc.), brushed, dried and then heated in the atomizer. Holding them at a dull red glow will burn off the majority of material stuck to the coil. It's also good to take them out after doing this to brush off any excess material as you don't want to inhale it. Many coils can even be unwound and rewound to make cleaning easier. Atomizer parts can be dismantled and wiped clean with your chosen cleaning solvent, then dried and heated to remove any excess. Rods or terp balls can be removed from coil setups and cleaned separately.

It's best to lubricate o-rings with a small amount of vegetable oil, coconut oil, o-ring lubricant or similar to avoid them becoming sticky.

Favourite Beginner Builds

  • Frame staple, 3mm round core, 6 wraps, SS-Tc 28W, 165-210C (temps can vary between mod boxes) 
  • Hex or Oct-core, 6 wraps of the TRVP clamp post, flattened, SS-Tc 27W, 180-240C. Very fast vapour producer with minimal reclaim.
  • Horizontal radiator - flat against the base (as shown in photo with eden radiator build) made from oct-core. Least reclaim, slightly slower vapour production. 
  • Our favourite custom setup - dual flat oct core vertical coils set parallel. 

In the box

  • 1 x TRVP V2 Blueprint Atomizer with Top Cap
  • 1 x Ulltem Drip Tip with built in Honeycomb Splash Gaurd
  • 1 x 810 and 1 x 510 Drip Tip 
  • 1 x 510/810 Adapter
  • 1 x Bottom feeder and regular 510 Pin installed 
  • 1 x Spare Ceramic Half Moon V2 Replacement 
  • 1 x Parts Bag (screws, screwdriver, o-rings) 


  • Built in Heat Dissipating Fin
  • Stainless Steel Deck and Top Cap
  • 510 and 810 Drip Tip Compatible
  • Squonk Compatible
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 24mm Diameter
  • Stainless Steel deck and High Quality Screws for mounting
  • V2 Ceramic Half Moon Insert
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Clamp Deck For Easy Coil Mounting

This Atomizer/Diffuser requires a regulated mod box capable of sub ohm vaping. As with all RDAs if building your own coils you should be familiar with ohms law and coil building to ensure your own safety. 

Customer Reviews

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Born again...
Sudden favourite
Difficult, dangerous, fun
While it doesn't directly say it, due to possibility this review could be misunderstood; we have to make clear that the Atomizer is not dangerous and does not overheat coils. They can be used safely within the temperature ranges provided with no danger at all. However as stated in the product description this should only be purchased by advanced users with experience in coil building and an understanding of ohms law, if not being purchased with pre-made coils which are used within the provided specifications. Thanks for your review!