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That Atty! TRVP V3
That Atty! TRVP V3
That Atty! TRVP V3
TRVP V3 - That Atty! with a flat/squashed AVS oct core coil, initially wrapped around a 2.5mm rod
TRVP V3 That Atty - The Cough Trough - AVS oct-core coiled by Reddit user u/not-now-dammit
That Atty! TRVP V3 - Twiztid Timmy's tri-core juggernaut. Image by u/xH4V0Cx

That Atty! TRVP V3

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That Atty! or the TRVP V3  is the latest RDA creation from BB Vapes BRVND. It has built to be a true crossover with the ability to be run with either concentrates or as a dripper/squonk, both with exceptional performance. The TRVP V3 has had a full redesign making it a low profile, discreet atomizer. That Atty has the same ceramic dish as the TRVP V2 atomizer but with airflow that blows directly onto the coil. The new airflow design allows for improved flavour and huge vapour production from your coils. As That Atty! takes complex wire builds we suggest using it with clean and pure concentrates with low levels of contaminants or fats. Clean concentrates will provide the best experience and longevity from your coils. 

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Adam the TRVP rep has made a great video showing a tear-down and rebuild of the TRVP V3 atomizer so we've linked that here. It also has some tips on use with DNA mods which some users may find helpful. 

Being more of a crossover than the TRVP V2, That Atty is best used with slightly flat or squashed coils coils set a few millimetres above the ceramic dish, set up like this it can be loaded heavily for multiple big rips. As the airflow is slightly offset to the side we offset the coil hotspot by a few mm so it sits directly in front of the airflow however this is not essential. This new setup also allows for smaller loads onto slightly smaller coils, when using regular (round) coils, but provides larger rips and faster vapour production from the same load size, making it a more efficient atomizer out the box than the TRVP V2. The new airflow setup also helps produce excellent flavour from your material. As this atomizer has one hole in each side of the airflow cap the air flow is not truly free-flowing but has a fairly unrestricted draw.

Like the TRVP V2, the addition of the AVS vortex drip tip adapter improves vapour production and smoothness of vapour. It is especially useful when using larger coils and loads in the V3 as it whips air around the coil more thoroughly. It also pulls concentrate towards the central area where the airflow is strongest and the coil hottest. With smaller coils and small loads it does not make much difference. 

We advise using the wide airflow slit for concentrate coils and the small airflow holes for e-liquid setups, this configuration seems to provide the best performance and vapour production for each. That Atty makes more of a DTL (than MTL) dripper or squonk as the offset airflow only hits one end of the coil when locked down to the single hole. It produces excellent quality vapour and flavour when used as a sqonk atty. 

Like all atomizers we advise lubricating the o-rings to protect them from damage and stop them becoming sticky, we have sourced high quality o-ring lubricant for this purpose. 

All TRVP V3 related products can be found in the That Atty! product collection in our side menu. Products - BB Vapes BRVND - That Atty! or by clicking this text. 

The TRVP V3 is also fully compatible with the Poseidon V2 for New Sequoia, this water tool fits the atomizer base perfectly and can also be used with a glass carb cap to help direct air over a wider area, increasing vapour production and allowing for larger coil builds! 

If you like huge custom coil builds the TRVP V2 may be more your style as it allows for a wider range or wires and coil builds to be fitted. Having more varied airflow from both sides it also works with wider coils that go the length of the ceramic dish. If you like super stable coil connections and huge quick voluminous hits of vapour from your concentrate That Atty! is unparalleled due to the wide slot airflow design. That Atty also works very well with quartz and porous ceramic rod builds. The porous ceramic rods allow for much larger loads, larger clouds and longer sessions while the quartz provides great flavour and smaller loads. 

For easy use with water tools our silicone water tool adapter can be placed directly into the 810 glass drip tip. Alternatively the 510 drip tip can be removed from the provided 810-510 adapter and the silicone water tool adapter fitted in its place. This adapter allows for connections with both 14mm and 18mm water tools making the That Atty compatible with the Hubble Bubble mini bubbler and every other hydrotube we stock. 

Twiztid Timmy's coil range can be used with That Atty! we tend to run radiator coils when not using the AVS vortex drip tip adapter. With the adapter the whole range works extremely well. 

Custom made flat coils also work extremely well in this atomizer, the Advanced Vape Supply range of wire make excellent builds of this type, our preferred wire for this is the oct-core. If used with That Atty! Twiztid Timmy's pre-made coils often need the ends snipping to make them shorter. You can also re-coil these if desired to provide a different vapour experience, his of coils range provide excellent performance. 


Cleaning That Atty! is a breeze, simply heat the coil in Wattage mode for a few seconds to flash off any residue, the dullest red glow is all that is required here. The dish can be wiped with an ISO soaked cotton bud. If you have low set coils that create reclaim simply heat the atomizer on its side, allowing the reclaim to travel to one end, then wick it up from there with a cotton bud or piece of tissue. Be careful not to touch the coil and get fluff on it! 

In the Box

  • That Atty - Matt Black
  • 810 Glass Drip Tip
  • 510 Ultem Drip Tip in 810-510 Adapter
  • 1 x Ceramic Dish for Concentrate use
  • 2 x Wide Clapton Frame Staple Coils (Ni80 - Best for e-liquid on Wattage mode)
  • Mini Screwdriver, allen/hex key and spare screws
  • Spare o-rings
  • Squonk Pin

This Atomizer/Diffuser requires a regulated mod box capable of sub ohm vaping.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect service and products!

Great atty, thank you. Best shop of all


Very good performer with the Twiztid Timmy coils. I'm impressed.
Sterling service from Matt as usual. 5☆

5* seller

fast shipping - good price - received also 2 gifts ( fizzy gummies & and adapter to connect the trvp to a rig ) what more to ask !? the trvp v3 is really , i made my first flattened coil with the 20m SS coil i bought and flavors is amazing, really satisfied of my order.
great seller, greetings from Belgium

That Atty

Oh boy the flavour is amazing! Excellent service as always.

great upgrade!

I own all 3 versions, and this one is the best yet. The cooling fins are great, and the deck is very accessible for radiator coils.
Airflow options are nice too.