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Swiss Tree Style 18mm Hydrotube Bubbler
Swiss Tree Style 18mm Hydrotube Bubbler Close up
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Swiss Tree Syle Bubbler - 18mm Hydrotube

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The Swiss Tree Percolating Hydrotube Bubbler is our favourite large 18mm hydrotube for general use, it work perfectly with every setup without the need to adjust the water level or draw strength. It only requires a small amount of water and if filled appropriately can be drawn at full airflow volume without any feedback up the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece itself is rounded off and is one of, if not, the most comfortable mouthpiece we've used.

The airflow is slightly restricted, not completely free flowing like the matrix hydrotube, however this restriction helps regulate and restrict the height the water bubbles up to. It provides smooth and tasty vapour in between Matrix Hydrotube and the Triple Percolator hydrotube. Made with a wide base it is stable without a stand and does not require one. It also sits and fits on the Matrix Rig Base but like the Matrix bubbler there is a little wobble. This does not affect function but may annoy some people. This wobble can be fixed by applying a small amount of PTFE tape to the male 18mm adaptor of the rig base

The vapour passes up through the bottom of the bubbler, down the nine tubes, each of which has three holes for a total of 27 small percolator slits, then travels up towards the Swiss cheese section. Here it hits the two glass intrusions, breaking up the bubbles into smaller bubbles and stopping the water from freely rising into the mouthpiece section. This is a well made and well designed bubbler. 

Fill no higher than the top of the tubes where they meet the glass bubble. 

We've made a quick video on Instagram you can view through this link. 

  • Wide stable base
  • High level of vapour conditioning
  • Good flavour expression
  • Super comfortable mouthpiece
  • 18mm female joint for 18mm male adapters
  • Approximately 30cm or 12" tall. 
  • Angled mouthpiece to avoid neck strain 
  • Made from Borosillicate glass
  • 3.5mm Thick External Glass
  • High quality hand made glassware

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Christopher Eaves
Swiss tree bubbler

Excellent quality