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StemPod Si upgrade heater coils

StemPod Si Upgrade Heater Coils (Pair) - Dual-Core Juggernaut Kanthal A1

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As requested - Dual-Core Juggernaut Kanthal A1 upgrade heater coils for the StemPod Si/OG by ModPod Labs, exclusive to Recommended Vape Supplies. 



  • More vapour at the same temperatures inside the herb chamber. 
  • More even vapourization of your chamber contents, making for a more efficient vaporizer.
  • More flavour and vapour produced at lower temperatures. Basically more of everything! 
  • Except burning since these remove hot spots. 
  • Improved vaping consistency. 
  • Now upgraded further to 7 wraps for even more monstrous vapour production. 


These pairs of coils should be run at around 45-60W. Our sweet spot is around 55W when using Method 3 on the StemPod Si page with the airflow port just under half open. If using the mesh baskets unmodified we suggest going no higher than 48W. The StemPod Si Airflow can be adjusted as desired as these are large heaters with significantly more metal which provides a more irradiated heat. Due to the high power draw from these coils we suggest using these with a dual battery mod box. 

Allow around four seconds for the initial heat up before your first inhale to allow the coils to heat. After the first heat cycle you should not need to leave more than 1-2 seconds max before starting your inhale since the coils, chamber and material will have retained some heat and the chamber contents will have dried. Continue inhaling for a couples of seconds after releasing the power to help the coils cool and preserve your material. 


  • Install so they sit around 3-5mm above air in holes in StemPod Si base. 
  • Ensure the coil legs from each side are not touching the coil on the other side. 
  •  Firmly tightened post screws. 
  • Spread the coil so it is as wide as possible, while staying within the RDA base. You don't want the coils touching the metal housing of the cap when you replace it. 
  • Perform burn off cycle at 60w for 5 seconds to remove any residue from manufacture and your fingers during this setup. 


  • 2 x Dual-Juggernaut Kanthal A1 Heater Coils for Stempod Si 
  • CE and ROHS Certified Wire 

Like all RDA coils these should only be installed and operated by experienced users with a good knowledge of vaping and vape safety. Not for use with unregulated power sources. Kanthal A1 is not compatible with temperature control. Like all StemPod setups these should be run on a sub-ohm capable battery mod. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mr N
Oh yeah baby

These as so good in wattage mode, I have mine on 58.8w (dunno it just works best there) and find if I use any of my other build decks they feel really week in comparison

Thanks for the review! 58.8W is totally fine, you probably have a fair bit of airflow so it all works out. Run them how you like them I say!

Christian Hansen
A definite improvement from the stock coils

I initially set these up incorrectly and combustion went down haha. After getting some advice from Matt at RVS (who should get some kind of award for his outstanding customer service) I figured them out and they perform great. The heating seems to be noticeably more even than with the stock coils, which leads to less chance of combusting in the spots right above the coils and roasts the herb more evenly. These coils essentially make the Stempod more efficient and predictable to use and I prefer them to the stock ones for that reason

Thanks for the review I'm very happy to hear you've found your sweet spot with them and are getting on together :)