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2020 Stainless Steel DynaVap Tip - Adjust-a-bowl and dual serrations
2020 Stainless Steel DynaVap Tip Side View - Adjust-a-bowl and dual serrations

Stainless Steel Tip (2020) - DynaVap

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The Stainless Steel (2020) Tip from DynaVap takes longer to heat than it's Titanium counterpart and retains the heat for longer allowing for longer sessions from a single heat. As it reaches a lower temperature at the click it is also suitable for lower temp vapourisation. The new upgraded airflow design is improved over previous versions and the 2020 Tip also has adjust-a-bowl technology. 

The Stainless Steel (2020) tips heat slower, stay hot for longer and produce less vapour after the click. They also have reduced airflow inside the packed chamber (Vs Titanium Tip) for those that prefer a tighter draw. 

This slower heating and better heat retention allows for longer sessions from a single heat and arguably provides improved flavour at the click, but with smaller clouds . If you heat past the click for a second or two, or double heat the it, the chamber will reach a higher temperature and produce significantly larger clouds. This is our preferred method for use as it allows for a couple of big rips from each heat cycle... or one monster inhalation (our preference). 

There are small indents in the 2020 Tip for trapping the captive cap, these allow for an unscrewing motion to remove the captive cap. This helps you avoid pulling the hot Tip off your DynaVap after a session. These dents also allow for the use of adjust-a-bowl technology allowing you to set your filter screen halfway up the chamber for half pack "micro-dosing".  

 Features include

  • Heats in 3-8 seconds 
  • Straight sides for even air distribution
  • Dual Serrations allow more air into the chamber than previous versions
  • Small internal spirals for improved airflow inside the chamber
  • Integrated heat fins keep stem and vapour cooler
  • Stainless Steel CCD screen included and installed
  • Adjust-a-bowl design - reduce to 50%
  • High temperature o-rings included/installed
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Compatible with all midsections or caps from the VapLab. 
  • Ability to use whole or ground material. 

Requires a VapCap and DynaVap Stem for use. Our favourite is currently the Tectonic Stem by BB Vapes which is a modular stem with replaceable 510 mouthpiece and two fully adjustable airflow rings. 

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