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Spinning Carb Cap - 30mm - Vortex airflow view
Spinning Carb Cap - 30mm Vortex airflow
Spinning Carb Cap - 30mm Vortex airflow Side view
Spinning Carb Cap - 30mm Vortex airflow carb cap dimensions

Spinner Carb Cap - 30mm

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These Spinning Carb Caps are compatible with the V4 Crucible Bottomless Bangers from Divine Crossing and the New Sequoia Poseidon V2.  When used with these setups they can spin up a terp ball and create vortex airflow in the bucket. This helps mix and stir the concentrate with or without a terp ball, then you can blast air into the centre, to produce significantly more flavour and vapour from your setup . Our selection of Terp Balls can be found here. We also have a UFO style carb which provides simpler performance and a better spin for these two setups. 

Designed with two carb holes this cap can be used with three different basic methods, or a combination of them for the best results. 

  1. Both holes open - this creates the most airflow and vapour production initially but does not spin a terp ball. 
  2. Top hole covered by finger - this closes the central hole only allowing air through the vortex producer. This is great for spinning up terp balls. 
  3. Side hole covered by finger - This blocks the vortex producer and only allows air through the central hole for a highly directed stream of air. This can be used to push material around in the normal way, or directed at the centre to push material towards the edges, where terp balls usually sit.

For the best results

We combine methods one and two; initially leaving all holes open, then closing the top central hole to spin the terp ball, mixing the concentrate briefly. We then open the central hole again to vapourise the newly mixed material with full airflow. 

Divine Crossing Bottomless Banger/ Poseidon V2 Suggestion 

If your terp ball isn't spinning up try pulling the BB or Poseidon up slightly so the bottom is in line with the bottom o-ring. This provides a little more distance between the carb and bucket increasing the spinning effect of the air. We've found this setup works best with 4mm terp pearls. Alternatively check out our UFO carb cap for easy use with these setups.

Package Includes 

  • 1 x 30mm Spinning Carb Cap
  • Dual Carb Function
  • Poseidon V2, V4 Bottomless Banger (from crossing) and 30mm Banger Compatible. 
  • Borosilicate Glass

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