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SiC Quest by Divine Tribe - with Vortex airflow cap 14mm water tool adapter - CBD and Aromatherapy Atomizer and Diffuser
SiC Quest by Divine Tribe - with Vortex airflow cap 14mm water tool adapter
Polished SiC Left  - Regular SiC right
Polished SiC cup for SiC Quest
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, SiC Quest by Divine Tribe - with Vortex airflow cap 14mm water tool adapter - CBD and Aromatherapy Atomizer and Diffuser
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, SiC Quest by Divine Tribe - with Vortex airflow cap 14mm water tool adapter
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Polished SiC Left  - Regular SiC right
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Polished SiC cup for SiC Quest

SiC Quest (Silicon Carbide) Concentrate Heater - Diffuser - with Polished SiC

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Regular SiC Cup - TCR 420-500- 50W - 160-260C (vapour range, can be used hotter). 

Polished SiC Cup - TCR 380 - 450 - 50W 

The SiC (Silicon Carbide) Quest was designed by Divine Tribe and manufactured by Longmada. Like the DC V4 Crucible this is an RDA so all parts are easily replaceable with simple tools. The only extra tool you will need for coil replacement is a pair of scissors or wire cutters for trimming down coil legs. When care is taken with the atomizer and bucket these are extremely long lasting coils, with an expected lifespan of three to six months, in some cases longer. Like most 510 kit are best used with Arctic Fox based mod boxes. 

Now available to purchase with an additional Polished SiC Cup! The polished SiC cup has a completely smooth surface for easy maintenance and has been made slightly thinner than the regular cup. This allows it to heat faster and maintain more accurate temperature control. 

Before use - fully tighten the screws which clamp down the wires to ensure you have a proper electrical connection. If you find the bucket is a bit loose you may want to unscrew the post screws, remove the coil from the bucket, straighten the coil legs, place them back into the clamps and then tighten the post screws back down. There seems to be a little variation in the bucket installation from the factory. 

fullbundlediscount - 5% off when purchasing any atomizer, water tool and mod box together. 

This atomizer has been designed to perform like a mini SiC banger. It has a small bucket with a thick base, thick walls and requires around 50 Watts with TCR based temperature control to heat accurately. The thick walls ensure minimal breakages but more importantly provide a large heated area which retains heat well for larger vapour clouds. Having a SiC bucket and quartz airflow path the vapour produced is very smooth with excellent flavour. The bucket takes small dabs no larger than a grain of rice and efficiently vapourises the contents, it is capable of producing impressively large clouds with small bads. The SiC quest is expected to heat in between 10-15 seconds. 

Included as standard is the dual airflow vortex cap. This points air into the bucket from two directions creating a vortex inside the bucket increasing vapour production over the single intake cap found on the Quartz Quest! This cap also has a built in 14mm water tool adapter for easy connection to a hydrotube such as the Hubble Bubble

We advise lubricating your o-rings on arrival (and keeping them lubricated) with a little o-ring lubricant, applied with q-tip. If you do not do this the cap will be very difficult to remove and make break. A Silicone Bumper ring has been included for protecting the glass cap and helping to unscrew that atomizer safely from your box mod. 

Like all bucket based atomizers there are two main methods for use. Cold and hot starts. We've found the SiC Quest performs well with both methods but is best with hot starts due to the heat up time. Our preferred method for this atomizer is to allow it to heat while preparing the dab, so the walls and base of the bucket are very hot, then load it while hot, replace the cap and use it like a mini rig! This method provides relatively large clouds from very small dabs. 

We advise using the SiC Quest with a dual battery mod as it consumes a lot of power. 

Due to popular request we have sought out custom o-rings which can be used to replace the originals, allowing the Quest to be paired up with either the Poseidon V2 for Sai or the V4 Crucible Bottomless Banger. The bottomless banger setup requires the Disk Style Spinner Carb cap as the original does not fit these setups properly. 

Spare parts - these can all be found in the SiC Quest Collection in the Side Menu. 


  • Wipe out the bucket with a q-tip after each use. 
  • Switch to wattage mode, onto 50W and heat until the bucket stops smoking, blowing gently into it at the end to ensure any residue is gone. 
  • Bucket can be removed and soaked in ISO or blowtorched clean (without heaters attached). 
  • Cap can be soaked in ISO or similar solvent. 

In the box

  • SiC Quest Atomizer 
  • 8.8mm (Width) x 9mm (Height) (internal dimensions) bucket. 
  • Silicone Bumper/Grip Ring
  • Dab Tool
  • Mini Screwdriver (flat head) 
  • Spare Screws
  • Q-tips and alcohol pads
  • Instruction Manual

    This atomizer/Diffuser needs sub ohm capable mod to run. 

    Divine Tribe Quartz  Quest page with links to Video resources

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Antony Johnson
    Great tasting vape

    This vape is great if you really like to taste your concentrates. I would recommend getting a whip and attaching to a glass piece

    Mr N
    If you are gentle

    She's a little monster 👹

    Easy to set up and knocks you for six follow the instructions and you won't go far wrong. Spend the extra on the polished one if you can it's easier to clean and heats up quicker

    Hahah thanks for the review, I'm glad you like it!