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Shell-shock DynaVap stem - Rainbow
Shell-shock DynaVap stem - Matte Black
Shell-shock DynaVap stem - Stainless Steel
Shell-shock DynaVap stem - Gold
Shell-Shock dynavap Stem by BB vapes BRVND - Silver - Dismantled
Shell-Shock dynavap Stem by BB vapes BRVND - Silver

Shell-Shock DynaVap Stem - With Adjustable Airflow Ring

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A new creation from BB Vapes BRVND the Shell Shock DynaVap serves as a high quality upgrade to your original stem. 

Adjustable Airflow

The Shell-Shock has an adjustable airflow ring allowing you to fully customise your vapour experience.  This ring is well positioned for convenient access during use, allowing you to easily close it down with a finger mid draw, if desired. It holds it's place well so can usually be found where you left it. To fully close the airflow ensure the ring has been turned so the hole is opposite the one on the stem (around the other side). We have found the black Shell-shock stem forms a full seal more easily in more positions of the adjustable ring due to the extra thickness of the anodised coating.  

Heat dissipation

Made from thicker stainless steel the Shell-Shock stem helps dissipate more heat from your vapour, providing a cooler and smoother vaping experience. It has an integral heat heat sink at the hot end which dissipates more heat away from the stem, keeping it cooler during use. These heat dissipation properties make it suitable for multiple back to back sessions.  The Shell-Shock stem also has it's own high quality internal condenser tube which is slightly thicker and has a smaller diameter, adding to the cooling effect. The smaller diameter and thicker metal means more vapour makes contact with the cool condensing tube reducing the temperature more than the originals. 

The DynaVap end of the stem has a spiral machined into the inside to help cool the stem and vapour. This works by helping break up the airflow moving it around the whole stem, adding extra cooling. 


This stem has been designed with functionality in mind, having multiple grip designs it is comfortable to hold and use. At the mouthpiece end there is a matrix/grenade style grip which provides excellent purchase. The hot end has been milled with grooves to make rotating the Shell-Shock in your hand while heating a simple task. Finally the stock mouthpiece provides excellent functionality. Primarily it is very comfortable as a mouthpiece, perfectly suiting the slightly restricted draw style of the Dynavap. Secondarily it fits well into your hand and serves as an extra point for stability and easy rotation of the Shell-Shock while rotating it during heating.. This is a 510 drip-tip so can be replaced as desired if you have another you'd rather use. 


Pretty much all of the above serves to make this an attractive stem, it is a thing of functional beauty. If functional beauty isn't your thing it's also available in a range of colours. Lets face it, it looks great, especially if you like the chunky militarized look. 

Water Tool Use

These are compatible with our 14 and 18mm (does both) Silicone Water Tool adapter for V4 Crucible. The Adapter replaces the 510 drip tip. It sits in loosely and forms a seal when held against or place upside down in a water tool. 

Key points

  • Well designed with high quality construction
  • Adjustable airflow ring
  • Internal spiral airflow producer
  • High level of heat dissipation
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Convenient to use
  • Reduced 2.5mm condenser
  • Slightly harder to lose (Bit heavier in your pocket than other options). 
  • Replaceable 510 drip-tip (mouthpiece)

Weight: 31 grams. 

Dimensions: 72mm long x 12mm Wide

Material: Stainless Steel


  • Rainbow 
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold

Customer Reviews

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Shell shock
Genius Design!
Thanks for your review. It does seem to work well, I was also initially unconvinced by the little internal spiral but as you say it seems to something, maybe just breaks up the air currents to create more turbulence rather than create actual spiral airflow. If you want to edit or update your review down the line there should be an option, if you can't find it contact us and we'll help out. More important to us that reviews are accurate than all positive so we won't take offence or get dramatic if you want to change it and add in any negative points. - Matt