Premium Edition FlowerMill (Stainless Steel 2.5" 3-Piece) – Recommended Vape Supplies
Flower Mill Premium edition 3 piece
Flower Mill Premium Edition
Premium Edition FlowerMill (Stainless Steel 2.5" 3-Piece)
Flower Mill New Design
Flower Mill new design
Flowermill premium 3 piece grinder - Grey inside
Flowermill premium 3 piece grinder - Grey, rose and blue
Flowermill premium 3 piece grinder - Grey packaging
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Flower Mill Premium edition 3 piece
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Flower Mill Premium Edition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Premium Edition FlowerMill (Stainless Steel 2.5" 3-Piece)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Flower Mill New Design
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Flower Mill new design
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Flowermill premium 3 piece grinder - Grey inside
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Flowermill premium 3 piece grinder - Grey, rose and blue
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Flowermill premium 3 piece grinder - Grey packaging

Premium Edition FlowerMill (Stainless Steel 2.5" 3-Piece)

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The Flower Mill herb Mill is hands down our favourite tool for the job. Unlike most other grinders it has been designed without any teeth so technically mills, not grinds!

This is the 3-piece version, to make it a 4 piece grinder you will need the 4 Piece Catch for direct pollen collection. Now comes with the Rotor Key included! 

The Flower Mill functions by rolling the herb across the screen causing it to naturally break up where the material is weakest. This results in an extra fluffy... grind?.. with increased surface area and no compacted lumps from where herb has been caught by the teeth and forced through the screen. More surface area means higher performance from the same amount of material when vaporised, letting your material either go further or do more for you!

This is about as cutting edge as grinders get without having a single cutting edge! (Couldn't resist sorry). The lack of teeth and deep chamber also provides a huge increase in grinder capacity, giving the Flower Mill the largest grinding capacity of any grinder with the same dimensions, allowing it to grind 2-3g at a time! It even seems to separate the stems, holding them in the milling section! 

Due to the lack of teeth this grinder has very little resistance during the grind making it ideal for people with poor grip, or who just don't want to expend a lot of effort to grind their material. It also grinds very quickly, providing you don't fill it right up! The outside of the grinder has a smooth matte surface, with the aluminium body being slightly grippier to make it even easier to hold while grinding. All in all, very comfy to use. 

The included medium grind screen makes a great size for a wide range of vaporizers, breaking up the material small enough for full vaporisation effects, but large enough that air still passes through it easily. The Premium Expansion Pack contains a full range of screens with different sizes. We are also big fans of the fine and super fine screens included in the Premium Expansion Pack as they provide maximum surface area and fast extractions at lower temperatures when used in convection vapes. Ideal for micro dosing. On a related note, if you have a device with a very small bowl it's a good idea to apply as little pressure as possible while milling, this will cause the herb to break up smaller than it would with more pressure applied. Though for smaller devices getting the additional mill plates and switching over to a fine plate is the optimal solution. 

Ideally break up your herb into smaller pieces so that the top of the mill sits evenly before milling. Apply as little pressure as possible for the best results, you want the mill to do the work for you! For the best results with larger bits of material which cause the cap to sit unevenly, mill in one direction only and apply a little downward pressure until the material has broken up. This will help stop the top rocking and getting caught on the top ring which can scratch the outside of the ring. 

  • Crumbles instead of tearing and crushing 
  • Separates stems 
  • No material trapped in teeth 
  • Low resistance grind 
  • Improved surface area of ground material 
  • Increase vapour production from extra surface area (material goes further as you can use less) 
  • Improved flavour (pretty sure we're not imagining it) 
  • Surprisingly smell resistant with ground herb inside! Like, actually good smell resistance! 
  • Easy low maintenance 
  • High quality materials 
  • Lifetime build design

Premium Rotor Keys for undoing your stainless steel screen are a very handy thing to have. These are now included inside the Flower Mill! 

Premium Edition Low Friction Washers are now installed into all new Premium Edition Mills - April 2023


  • 62 x 45mm
  • Food Grade 304 Stainless Milling and Storage Parts
  • 6061 Aviation Grade Aluminium Body 
  • Made from high quality materials to high manufacture tolerances


  • Flowermill Premium Mill with Medium plate
  • Premium Rotor Key 

Now... we don't usually leave manufacturer descriptions attached but in this case they've done such an excellent job it'd be rude no to! So that's all below our info. I have endeavoured not to repeat information too much! 

How to clean your mill 

From Flower Mill 


The patent-pending rotor design rolls the herb across the screen, progressively crumbling the herb where it naturally wants to break apart. This separation results in a naturally soft and fluffy herb.

Hybrid Construction
A food grade (304) stainless steel milling chamber (rotor, sleeve, screen, and optional catch) ensures your herb is never milled using aluminum. Precision tolerances and careful design means no metal on metal contact in the milling chamber. The outer case is manufactured from aircraft grade (6061) aluminum to keep weight at a minimum. 

Extra Fluffy
Rather than shredding like conventional grinders, Flower Mill’s innovative milling process crumbles the herb, resulting in a lighter, fluffier product.

Complete Milling
The rotor was specifically designed to naturally process your herb down to the appropriate size as it’s sifted through the milling screen leaving no partially processed herb behind to be painstakingly picked out.

Low Effort
Unlike conventional shredding, the Flower Mill requires much less effort to operate. The lower catch unthreads with only a quarter-turn and a magnetic closure on the top lid makes it easy to load and access your harvest.

Large Capacity
No pesky teeth taking up space plus the deep milling chamber means the Flower Mill can process more than a traditional 2.5" grinder. Quickly and cleanly process 3.5g at a time. 

Easy Cleaning
All parts fully disassemble to allow complete access and total cleanliness.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lovely piece of engineering

As previously mentioned it is slightly different to use compared to a conventional grinder but after one or two uses it becomes familiar and the end product is so much lighter and fluffy, not ground to complete dust! Worth the money! The screen size included is perfect for bong material.
Matt provides very good assistance too when you contact the store via email, thankyou.

Excellent service

Quick delivery and am happy with my purchase.

A little unsure at first but it's warming on me

My first use I was extremely disappointed, the lid wobbled about and it felt very unstable and the grind quality wasn't quite what I was hoping for. After a bit of use I have come to love it and improve my technique using it. Your flower needs to be dry 64% is a bit too wet for this. However if your flower is dry it's a incredible grinder! Effortless use and nice texture after. I have just ordered the screen kit

John Weatherly
Flower mill

I am loving my new mill. Being able to take it apart to clean is a great option. And the Matt gave fast and very helpful customer service.


Easily the best “grinder” I’ve used, and probably the last one I’ll ever need. Fantastic service from Matt too, will definitely be shopping here again.