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Percolating Vortex Recycling Rig (Vortex Perc Recycler) Full shot with adapter
Percolating Vortex Recycling Rig (Vortex Perc Recycler) Labelled imgae
Percolating Vortex Recycling Rig (Vortex Perc Recycler) Close up internals
Percolating Vortex Recycling Rig (Vortex Perc Recycler) Fill Level Image

The Twister Rig - Percolating Vortex Recycling Rig

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The Twister Rig is a Vortex Percolating Recycling Rig and is our favourite single piece rig. The level of vapour conditioning is close to that provided by the Matrix Rig Base and Triple Percolating Disk Hydratube combination which provides the highest level of vapour conditioning we've found. The outside glass is stated to be around 3.5mm-4mm thick and the rig stands at around 23cm or 9" tall with an angled mouthpiece. 


The vapour travels down through the main stem, into the bottom flask, up through the wide percolating disk and is then forced with the water up through the vortex generator into the horizontal pipe. While this is happening the water is drawn up through the spiral tube to the bowl where it is met by the water containing the now heavily conditioned vapour. A combination of gravity and airflow keeps this water level stable, recycling the water back down into the main flask to have more vapour pulled through it and so on. At the end of the draw the water drains from the bowl in a whirlpool motion back down the spiral tube. We've labelled the rig parts on the main image to help make this description clearer. The cylinder containing the spiral tube can be used as a handle during use, allowing it to be easily picked up and held at an appropriate height for you. Combined with its smaller size this makes it a very convenient rig to use. 

Capacity/Fill Level

These have a wide base with a huge 130ml water capacity and can filled with even more, depending on airflow rate and personal preference. We fill them from the banger end (14mm male joint) until the percolating disk is just submerged as we've found this provides the best balance of airflow and conditioning when used with a bottomless banger and regular carb cap. We've drawn these lines in blue onto an image for reference. If using a spinning or high flow carb cap fill to up to 1cm below the percolator disk. This will allow for large amounts of air to be pulled through without it feeding up the mouthpiece. 


This rig comes with a 14mm male joint and we will provide them with a 14mm male to 14mm female adapter so they can be used with Bottomless Bangers such as those by 510mod and Crossing. This converter also gives the rig an extra level of versatility as the rig can be used with pre-existing female joint parts should you have them. We considered having these made with a 14mm female joint but prefer the extra height provided by the adapter when used with a bottomless banger and 510 extension cable. We may do this in future if there is a specific demand for an integrated 14mm female connection however this will increase unit price. Please note this rig requires a glass joint such as a bottomless banger or banger to work, it cannot used without one of these parts.  

In the Package

  • Vortex Perc Recycler
  • 14mm male to 14mm female glass adapter 

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The best single piece rig I’ve used