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AVS Crushed Hex-core coil for New Sequoia  - Top View
New Sequoia with AVS Crushed Hex-core coil - Side View
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New Sequoia AVS Crushed Hex-core Coil

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Discontinued. Advanced Vape Supply have stopped producing wire so when we run out of stock we will likely not be able to get more. 
This bottom airflow coil designed for the New Sequoia atomizer by Advanced Vape Supply is the biggest vapour producer of any pre-made style coil we’ve come across, excluding some Twizted Timmy’s TRVP line. Made of a large crushed Hex-core wire coil it can consume large quantities of concentrate, kicking out huge clouds in very little time. As such it is not for the faint of heart. This type of coil needs adjusting before use and as such is considered a coil for more advanced users. Please observe and follow the instructions below before use. The purpose of this adjustment is have relatively heating across the coil, without any brighter hot spots. These produce the most vapour when combining fully open bottom airflow with slightly open top airflow. 
  • Screw into atomizer and into mod, put on SS mode and lock resistance if possible to save this. 
  • Put mod on wattage mode at 15W, screw in atomizer and coil
  • Place hand around the top of the atomizer and coil creating a dark shadow around the coil.
  • Heat at 15W for a few seconds until you see one area start to glow more brightly than the rest.
  • Release the power and adjust the coil, squashing together and separating (strumming) the wires so they are more evenly spaced.
  • Heat again on 15W to see how the adjustment worked. Repeat until there are no brighter hot spots.
  • This process speeds up with practise but shouldn’t take more than about 2 minutes.
  • When the coil heats relatively evenly (it will never be perfect) remove it from the atomizer (or remove the atomizer from the mod) and allow everything to cool to room temperature.
  • Put the mod onto SS-Tc mode, set the power to 20W and the temperature to between 160-260C.
  • If resistance wasn't locked initially; remove the coil and allow it to cool to room temp. Then place back in the atomizer when cool. If possible you can now lock the resistance. 
  • ALWAYS – always gently warm the coil and load it by allowing the concentrate to melt into it. Never touch the coil once it’s been adjusted as this will result in it further adjustment needed. 

Use code "cheaperplz" for 10% off this product when purchased with a New Sequoia Atomizer. 

    Post setup settings

    SS-Tc, 20W, 160-200C

    To retain flavour, after every session heat the coil to around 20C higher than your selected vaping temperature and gently blow it, allowing excess material to vapourize off. When you turn it back down to normal vaping temperatures it will then not be contaminated by old vapour produced from previous loading. Material will eventually pool underneath the coil, when this happens the coil can be heated and held at upside down at a 45 degree angle allowing this excess to drain down the side onto a tissue. 

    For full cleaning these can be soaked in cleaning solvent, rinsed, dried and heated to remove any residue. Like all coils these will eventually need replacing, either due to damage, use of the inability to clean them any further.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Stuart Gibbons
    Hands down, the best coil

    I've tried a wided range of coils and this is without doubt my favourite.

    Thanks for the review, glad you like it, they are total beast coils!


    I like this coil. Good clouds and doesnt seem to gunk up as quickly


    Best coil I've tried for the Sequoia. Monster clouds!