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AirVape Legacy Pro DIY Tube Mod

Airvape Legacy Pro - DIY Ball Mod Kit

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DIY Ball mod kit for the Airvape Legacy Pro vaporizer glass tube. 

The Airvape Legacy Pro vaporizer has a glass airflow tube inside which can be modded to provide extra cooling and filtration with the addition of up to 7 x 5mm balls. Load the balls into the tube, then cut one mesh screen in half, loosely roll the mesh and push it inside each end and of the tube to stop the balls blocking the airflow... and you're done! Replace tube and vape away! 

This kit includes 10 x Balls as they're easy to loose during cleaning and you might want to run 5 while cleaning 5! 



  • 10 x 5mm "Clear Ruby" Balls
  • 1 x 17mm Mesh
  • DIY mod for Airvape Legacy Pro

 Glass tube not included. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rhiannon R
Amazing Mod for the Airvape Legacy Pro!

As the title says! I actually managed to fit 8 balls into the tube of my Legacy Pro. It’s sooo easy to set up, and adds more flavour/cooling for minimal effort!

Ooh rammo jammo nicely done! Glad you like XD

Must have!

This mod really adds another level to an already great tasting vaporizer, easy to install and reap the benefits.
A must have for all you connoisseurs!